Forge of Empires fall 2021 event to feature a series of 75 in-game quests

Earn some free stuff from the new event!

The Fall Bake Off makes its return to the global hit strategy game Forge of Empires from today until October 13th. Much like last year’s event, players take part in a baking contest. Collecting all the ingredients needed and baking as many delectable recipes as possible is the main goal. This event brings with it some prizes both from previous years and amazing new ones.

The fall 2021 event of Forge of Empires will have its oven cooking a lot

Ingredients can be found by completing quests in the Fall Event questline, by completing Daily Challenges, and by collecting Incidents around the city. Players will have a total of 75 quests: 54 rush quests available to them immediately and one quest for every day of the event. There will be two rush questlines that run parallel to one another: one with 29 quests and the other with 25 quests.

Once players collected some ingredients, it’s time to prepare their Signature Bake! Players will have to choose one of the available recipes using a combination of the five available ingredients. Each recipe will produce a prize, and a chance to win the Daily Special!

They will also receive stars for each successful bake – one, two, or three stars, depending on the complexity of their baking –, which pushes them closer to the Grand Prize. Once they’ve filled the table with delicious treats, players will be rewarded with the Grand Prize. Every time they earn stars, they’ll also move further up the ‘League Table’. The players with the most progress will be rewarded with extra special prizes.

Players can level up quickly in this event

This year, players will have the chance to snag the brand-new Golden Crops. To keep all farmers busy, this autumnal field in harvest mode is an upgradeable building with nine levels. The Golden Crops provides Happiness, Population, and Coins on a base level. Upon leveling it up, it will also deliver Coins, more Supplies, Forge Points, Goods, and a Fragment for One Up Kits, as well as additional Guild Goods.

Forge of Empires Fall event golden corps building

Last but not least, there are some beautiful new portraits in this year’s event, too. Two can be earned by completing the questline and one being exclusively available as a reward for earning Gold in the League. Forge of Empires’ Fall Event to have a lot of upgrades and builds in this update. The game can be played on a browser and in mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

What are your thoughts on the Forge of Empires fall 2021 event? Let us know in the comments below!

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