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Fortnite brings back Rainbow Royale to celebrate Pride Month 2022

Fortnite is a place of inclusiveness and happiness, welcoming everyone regardless of who they are, as stated by Epic Games. The Fortnite Rainbow Royale 2022, which includes free cosmetics and other special events through the event’s conclusion and beyond, is hosted by Epic Games as a way for the company to show how much it values its LGBTQIA+ supporters. Early pictures of this year’s Rainbow Royale event have surfaced, revealing some of the cosmetics.

Chill out by the beach or strike a pose in the Fortography Studio in the Rainbow Crossroads

Brought to you by the team at 3D Lab, this visually stunning, bright, and colorful island is the place to be in the Rainbow Crossroads of Fortnite Rainbow Royale 2022. Lay back on the sand or pose in the Fortography Studio. Go to some of the minigames the island has to offer when you want some friendly competition.

Earn Rainbow Style points by competing in kart racing or the Whirly Jump, then use them to open colorful pathways and titles that let you express yourself. You can find Rainbow Crossroads in Discover or by using the island code 0487-8528-5944.

Fortnite Rainbow Royale 2022
Image via Epic Games

Join others as we celebrate love, acceptance, understanding, and all the different colors that make up the Fortnite community by boarding the Rainbow Royale Battle Bus. Beginning at 8 PM ET on August 31, 2022, Rainbow Royale will return to honor the LGBTQIA+ community!

Complete the Play Your Way quests for XP and more rewards in Fortnite Rainbow Royale 2022

By completing Play Your Way Quests in six original games, you can celebrate playing your way. Each quest not only grants experience points (XP) but also unlocks themed cosmetics after a set number of quests are completed! Until September 6, 2022, at 8 AM ET, the Play Your Way Quests will be accessible.

Image via Epic Games

Get a preview of each of the six games and the related Quests below! The quests may be accessed on the quests page in the Play Your Way section, and all six games can be found in Fortnite on the Discover screen (in the Play Your Way row).

1. Escape The World Parkour

Creator: Devan_Studios
Island Name and Code: Escape The World Parkour 6831-5416-6480
Genre(s): Parkour

Details from Creator

  • Parkour through different biomes from everywhere in the world 
  • Parkour/Mantling/Climbing Enabled

Associated Quests

  • Complete 3 Biomes in Escape the World Parkour
  • Complete Escape the World Parkour

2. Monster Wars

Creator: Mastiff
Island Name and Code: Monster Wars 4164-3090-6037
Genre(s): Tactical Defense

Details from Creator

  • 4 Teams 
  • Attack/Defense 
  • Upgrade your base 
  • Choppa 
  • Monster

Associated Quests

  • Spend 750 Gold in Monster Wars
  • Outlive 3 Monsters in Monster Wars

3. Frozst Survival

Creator: Sawyer
Island Name and Code: Frozst Survival 2228-7588-2382
Genre(s): Zombies / Guns / Shooting

Details from Creator

  • 1-4 players per party
  • Recommended: 3-4 players in a party
  • How Long Can You or Your Squad Survive Nature’s Frozen Horde?

Associated Quests

  • Reach Level 20 in Frozst Survival
  • Deal 10,000 damage in under 10 seconds in Frozst Survival

4. Go Goated! Zone Wars

Creator: TheBoyDilly
Island Name and Code: Go GOATED! Zone Wars 3305-1551-7747
Genre(s): Zone Wars / Building / Shooting

Details from Creator

  • 4 Teams Battle 
  • Classic Zone Wars Game
  • Select Your Team 
  • Eliminations Save
  • Respawn Currently Disabled

Associated Quests

  • Destroy 50 structures in Go GOATED!
  • Deal 5,000 damage in Go GOATED!

5. One Shot Gun Game

Creator: Smurff
Island Name and Code: One Shot Gun Game 0345-9115-1287
Genre(s): Gun Game

Details from Creator

  • Eliminate an enemy to cycle to the next weapon. Cycle through 55 weapons to win the round! Everyone has 1 Health so TAKE COVER & PLAY SMART

Associated Quests

  • Eliminate 3 Opponents without being eliminated in One Shot Gun Game 5 times
  • Eliminate 55 Opponents in One Shot Gun Game

6. Rainbow Crossroads

Creator: 3DLab
Island Name and Code: Rainbow Crossroads 0487-8528-5944
Genre(s): Minigame

Details from Creator

  •  The place to be!
  • Chill out by the beach
  • Play fun minigames
  • Pose at the Fortography studio
  • Celebrate your style & have fun!

Associated Quests

  • Complete 5 Achievements at Rainbow Crossroads
  • Complete 10 Achievements at Rainbow Crossroads
  • Throw 20 paint around at Rainbow Crossroads

Dreamer from the DC universe is dream walking her way into Fortnite

Nia Nal, a.k.a. Dreamer from the DC world, is making her way into Fortnite as an accomplished reporter during the day and an inspirational Super Hero at night. No one can stop Dreamer as she really lives her dream and works to save the world from the impending perils because she has the capability to channel strong dream energy and see visions of the future.

Fortnite Rainbow Royale 2022
Image via Epic Games

All about the Dreamer Cup

Bring out your inner hero and get ready for the Dreamer Cup on September 6, 2022, throughout all territories! Get a chance to win the Dreamer Outfit in our Zero Build Squads competition before it becomes available in the Item Shop. To take part, players must have 2FA activated and validated on their Epic accounts, as well as have an account level of 50 or higher. For full details and eligibility requirements, please see the Dreamer Cup Official Rules page.

Show your Pride with Free Rainbow Royale Items in Fortnite Rainbow Royale 2022

Starting on August 31 at 8 PM ET, head over to the Item Shop to grab sweet Rainbow Royale-themed items for free

  • The Dip Emote: It’s a serve. 
  • Every Heart Emoticon: Heart of hues
  • Prismatic Keepsakes Spray: Leave your mark… and some mementos.
  • Say It Proud Lobby Track: Press play and celebrate Rainbow Royale 2022.
  • Mazy and the Echoes Loading Screen: Friends. Allies. Found family. Art by Sophie Campbell.
  • Rainbow Royale 2021 Loading Screen: Everyone’s welcome aboard the Battle Bus.
Fortnite Rainbow Royale 2022
Image via Epic Games

Starting September 8, Rainbow Royale is taking over the airwaves! Cruise around and let the good vibes take over while you jam to sweet tunes by featured artists in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

  • Janelle Monáe
  • Lil Nas X
  • Todrick Hall
  • King Princess
  • Kim Petras
  • Lady Gaga
  • Plus other global LGBTQIA+ artists

There’s also someone between the tunes – special guest radio DJ Matteo Lane! Rainbow Royale’s not just happening in Fortnite. Starting September 5th head over to the Epic Games Store to discover specially curated games that have been selected for the festivities.

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