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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA introduces Supercharged XP in the game

A great away to garner a lot of rewards in a small amount of time!

Fortnite is an action-packed battle royale game from Epic Games where players need to fight against each other on an island with around 100 players and survive till the end to become the winner. With every new season, the makers also release new battle passes with new skins, cosmetics, styles, and so on for the players to fight for. This time around they have introduced a little something called Supercharged XP which will make it easier for the players to increase their experience points for the Battle Pass in Fortnite MEGA.

Supercharged XP in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA

Supercharged XP will be awarded to all the players at the beginning of the season to help them get a boost to gain experience for the battle pass of the new season. But players should not get too excited because this is something temporary and won’t last for the entirety of the season. 

Fortnite MEGA Supercharged XP
Image via Epic Games

Supercharged XP will help players get the skins and rewards which they want as quickly as possible and this will make more players play at the start of the season and might later get hooked to the game which will increase the player base in general. So this might be a genius move from the makers.

Supercharged XP won’t last throughout the season

Though this feature has been made available so that the players can get their hands on the rewards of the battle pass as quickly as possible, it does have a limit as otherwise, everyone would be able to finish the whole battle pass too easily and that would ruin the competition and fun of the game.

Famous data leaker of Fortnite named iFireMonkey revealed on Twitter that this feature will last for just the first 7 days of the season. Supercharged XP is also said to be capped at 60,000 XP so that players don’t unlock everything in the battle pass by playing intensely for just a week. So players should try to fully take advantage of this boost as much as they can because they would be able to unlock a lot of rewards that would otherwise take a lot more time to unlock.

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