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Fortnite Imposters: A new Among Us-like game mode in Fortnite for 10 players

Trust Nobody!

Epic Games, the developers of the popular battle royale game Fortnite, have recently revealed Fortnite Imposters, a new Among Us-like game mode which will be introduced in Fortnite. Epic Games have rolled out this new mode as a part of the game’s latest patch. It seems like Fortnite is looking to join the Among Us hype-train since the new mode is suspiciously looking very much like Among Us. This mode had been leaked before as per a tweet from the dataminers, where they had suggested a Fortnite x Among Us crossover soon.

Fortnite Imposters: Trust Nobody

Fortnite Imposters will feature a total of 10 players. Among them, 8 agents will be trying to keep things up and running. There will be 2 scheming imposters who will do their best to sabotage the agents and their efforts. The players will aboard the Bridge on the island with the Agents trying to successfully reach their destination. Unfortunately, the imposters will be constantly trying to sabotage any means of success and take control of The Bridge.


The Agents are required to complete assignments like calibrating chests and llamas, repairing the Battle Bus, delivering storm reports and more. The two tasks are completing all the assignments allotted to the Agents or voting out the Imposters, which will result in a victory for the Agents. In order to win, the Agents are required to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. In case, anyone trying to pose as an Agent, in order to, find and vote out the Imposters as soon as possible.


The Imposters are given the tools and types of equipment, that are necessary to sabotage and take over the Bridge. Their goal is to annihilate as many agents as possible, without revealing themselves, as Imposters. In order to avoid the event of getting voted out, the imposters have an interesting kit of tools at their disposal like disabling all the assignments, relocating agents from one place to another in order to disorient them. This will keep on changing the appearance of everyone on board and making them all look like the famous Fortnite mascot, Peely the banana. Imposters will also have a list of assignments they can complete in order to blend in with the Agents and avoid revealing themselves. However, every assignment the imposters complete will result in the Agents getting closer to the finish line.

Fortnite Imposters Among Us mode
Image by Epic Games

Agents and Imposters can call out meetings to discuss and check in on fellow agents or report any suspicious activity which they might have seen. Meetings can be called, either by reporting an eliminated agent’s fragment or by selecting the Discussion panel in the Bridge’s centre room. During the meeting, agents can discuss information using emotes and a quick-chat menu and accuse suspicious agents, in order to vote them out. At the end of the discussion, agents and imposters will be prompted to select someone for ejection, to skip the voting. However, the more Agents get voted out, the closer the Imposters are to winning the game. Therefore, it is crucial to choose wisely, before voting someone out.

Final Thoughts

The gameplay and concepts are very similar to Among Us. But the additions in the Imposters’ dashboard will certainly keep things interesting. The new mode is a limited-time mode that has already kicked off. Although, there has been no disclosure on how long the mode will last. Despite the new mode is similar to Among Us, the fans of the game are certainly hyped for the new mode. It appears that it will be just as popular as the game it was inspired by.

How much are you excited about the new Among Us-like mode, Fortnite Imposters? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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