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Fortnite v21.20 update brings Indiana Jones Skin, Shuffled Shrines POI, quests and more

Get ready for some fortune and glory!

In Fortnite v21.20, there have been significant changes to the Temple Bloom landmark. Players must go there to finish the Indiana Jones quests; it is now known as Shuffled Shrines. Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass for Fortnite contains a special skin for the much-awaited Indiana Jones in the v21.20 update. The update has at last added quests that will assist gamers in obtaining the outfit and other cosmetics, ending weeks of waiting.

The Charge SMG enters Creative with the Fortnite Creative v21.20 update. Ballers now function like the upgraded Baller in Battle Royale thanks to some new options added to the Baller Vehicle Spawner. Additionally, there is a new island template as well as several new Prefabs and Galleries.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Indiana Jones battle pass quests

The Battle Pass Quests for Indiana Jones is now available in Fortnite v21.20. To access the Indiana Jones outfit and additional things from his set, complete these quests:

  • Search chests at Shifty Shafts (5) – Indiana Jones Banner Icon
  • Damage opponents while riding or standing on a vehicle (500) – Rogue Archaeology wrap
  • Use the Grapple Glove to swing off trees (10) – Raider’s Relics harvesting tool
  • Collect the Durrburger Relic from The Temple and The Ruins in a single match – Expedition Bag back bling
  • Find the Secret Door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines – Indy’s Dustoff emote
  • Stash a Mythic or Exotic item in a tent – Indy’s Escape spray
  • Make Runaway Boulders roll for 100 meters in a single match – First Misadventure Loading Screen
  • Finish top 5 in a match – Emergency Raft glider

While four of these quests will award players with the Indiana Jones outfit, completing 10 of them will allow them to earn the Temple Explorer look.

Temple Bloom landmark is now Shuffled Shrines dedicated to Indiana Jones

The historic Temple Bloom building has been transformed into the Indiana Jones-themed Shuffled Shrines. Shuffled Shrines will have a broad variety of traps because players must obtain Idol Artifacts from this place. There will also be three different threat levels. The Durr Burger, Tomato Head, and Object of Power icons are the Idol Artifacts.

Fortnite Indiana Jones Assets Skin NPC Cover
Image via Epic Games

They will aid with the opening of a treasure chest, and Fortnite will indicate whether or not players have successfully explored the Indiana Jones temple. There is a hidden door in the Shuffled Shrines POI that is also mentioned in the missions. To access it, players must first enter a code, and to retrieve the item, they must then avoid traps. After being collected, they must once more navigate traps and escape unscathed, much like in the movies.

Fortnite v21.20 introduces Charge SMG and brings back Port-A-Fort

Pick up the new Charge SMG from the ground, chests, supply drops, reality saplings, and sharks! The longer players hold the trigger down to initiate a charge, the more bullets will be released when they let go.

Charge SMG
Image via Epic Games

To know when to release, players can see a gauge on the screen that indicates how far along they are in the charge. They have the option of sending a planned full charge or an unplanned half charge.

Image via Epic Games

The Port-A-Fort object is no longer vaulted. To fortify in a matter of seconds, drop a Port-A-Fort, which can be found on the ground or in chests. Every mode, including Zero Build playlists, has this item.

Ripsaw Launchers can still be found in the game

Even though Ripsaw Launcher Week is over, players can still discover supply drops, chests, and ground-based ripsaw launchers in addition to The Chop Shop! But now that Ripsaw Launcher Week is gone, this weapon will be available more frequently.

Are you excited as Indiana Jones skin is now live in the Fortnite v21.20 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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