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Free Fire: Jai character is set to be removed after the July Farewell event

Sad news for Jai fans in the game

Free Fire has, in the past introduced many collaborations and has announced many upcoming collaborations as well. Some of the major collaborations in Free Fire were CR7(Chrono), DJ Alok, DJ KSMR (K), and Hrithik Roshan (Jai). But unlike other characters, the Jai character doesn’t have good skills yet now, after almost 1 year of it being brought into the game. As a result of that, Garena has decided to remove Jai from the store from July 31st, 2021. Prior to his removal, Garena has planned a Farewell event for Jai, which includes some decent rewards for the players before the character is removed from Free Fire.

About Jai character in Free Fire

Jai was added in Free Fire on August 25th, 2021, and was available in-store by August 29th. Players from many servers were waiting for Jai because of his hype. But when he was added, players were highly disappointed by his character’s model design and ability. Jai’s ability was Raging Reload which is basically after knocking an enemy, the player’s weapon instantly reloaded 30-45℅ at max.

This ability worked on any gun which consumes AR, HG, SMG, and SG ammo. It was decent but comparing to other collaboration characters, this ability was nothing. In the case of other collaborations like CR7 using this skill can deploy a temporary shield, DJ Alok can heal and increase movement speed, DJ KSMR can heal the player completely in no time, etc.

After removing Jai from the game, Garena will change the ability and model design. Also, to bid goodbye to this character, Garena has also announced the Jai Farewell event for the players.

Redeem great rewards in the Jai Farewell event

Free Fire Jai removed
Jai Farwell event rewards

As it has been shown in the Free Fire comics, Jai is going on a secret mission, which is shown as the reason Jai why he will be removed by July 24th, 2021 from the store. So Garena is planning to give Jai to all its players for last time for free. Players can easily claim Jai and Jai’s gloo wall for free via completing the in-game missions. Moreover, there will be 2 different tokens for players to collect – Gold magazine and normal magazine.

Final Thoughts

Removing Jai from Free Fire could be bad from the Indian perspective or the Indian community. This is because the character inspired by Hrithik was the only character who was influenced by an Indian superstar. Also, there are chances that Garena is disbanding its contract with Hrithik which can be one of the reasons for his removal. Moreover, this will make Jai rare as no new player can purchase or use Jai when they enter the world of Free Fire.

However, there are also chances that Garena might collaborate with any other Indian creator or superstar for their in-game content. And speaking about the return of Jai, there are high chances that Jai will return from his secret mission and will have upgraded skill and model design and will come in a new avatar.

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