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Free Fire MAX celebrates Holi with Holi Splash Town events, rewards, and more

Gear up for new Holi-themed events and rewards!

Free Fire MAX continues to add new events to the game, rewarding players with various in-game goodies. They often introduce themed events and rewards to commemorate certain occasions, such as festivals. The Holi celebration is just a few days away, and Free Fire MAX has released a schedule of events for the next several days. It includes thrilling Free Fire MAX Holi-themed events and exclusive prizes. We’ll now go over all of the details about the upcoming Holi celebration events.

Free Fire MAX Holi Events

1. Daily Login – 1

Holi Event Daily Login
Image via Garena

This login event already began on 9 March, and it will extend till 14 March. Players are required to log in daily to claim legendary and themed temporary gun skins for 7 days. The gun skins are as follows:

  • P90: Rebel Academy, AUG- Party Animal
  • M1014: Demolitionist, AWM- Duke Swallowtail
  • MP5: Demolitionist, M79- Hipster Bunny
  • M79: Demolitionist, AN94- Spikey Spine
  • Woodpecker: Party Animal, SCAR- Mystic Seeker

2. Daily Login – 2

Holi Event Daily Login
Image via Garena

Players stand a chance to get temporary bundle outfits from some of the past Incubator Royale. Players have to log in to their account daily from 14 to 22 March to claim and equip those bundles.

3. Lone Wolf: Strike Out Mode

Free Fire Holi Event rewards
Image via Garena

A new model under the title Lone Wolf- Strike Out was introduced on 12 March. However, it will be available for a limited time till 23 March. Players have to play this mode to earn rewards.

  • Diamond Royale Voucher – Play 1 Match
  • Weapon Royale Voucher – Play 2 Matches

4. Gather Balloons: Make A Splash

In this section, players can collect the balloons in their pool automatically generated every hour. Also, they can get boost balloon generation speed by completing provided missions such as Booyah targets, kill targets, and so on.

Holi Splash
Image via Garena

Aside from that, stealing balloons from a friend’s pool is a fascinating way to obtain them. Players can use the balloons they’ve collected to throw (splash) on Canvas and get rewards. To claim the rewards, though, players must gather enough balloons of three distinct colors. Below is a list of the reward pool.

  • Pet Food x1
  • Swagger Jeep Skin
  • Dance Emote 
  • Captain Bubbles M60 Crate x1
  • Great Plunder Groza Crate x1
  • Hysteria SKS Crate x1
  • Diamond Royale Voucher x1
  • Weapon Royale Voucher x1
  • IncubatorRoyale Voucher x1

5. Snake And Ladder

Free Fire Holi Event rewards
Image via Garena

A snake and ladder mini-game will be unlocked in the game on 14 March, and it will be available till 20 March. This game will be similar typical snake and ladder game, and players will get rewarded at certain points in this game. However, they have to collect Holi tokens by playing any mode to make spins. After finishing this game successfully, players will get the exclusive Prismatic Warrior Bundle.

6. Dodge The Balloons

Free Fire Holi Event rewards
Image via Garena

From March 14 to March 20, another mini-game event called Dodge The Balloons will be accessible. Players will be rewarded based on how far they travel in this mini-game. This event includes an exclusive Holi Face paint grand prize.

What are your thoughts on the Free Fire MAX Holi event calendar? Drop your opinions in the comments!

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