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Free Fire New Value Pack event launches with exclusive rewards

Seize all the rewards with ease!

The rapid inclusion of new unique web events in Free Fire has created another level of satisfaction for the players. Following the Rampage event, the game grabbed a huge fanbase. Therefore, the developers at Garena have released a new value pack event in the crease to fulfill some of the individual’s cravings. Let’s look into the details of the Free Fire Value Pack event.

Free Fire New Value Pack Event Overview

Free Fire Value Pack Event
Image via Garena

The newly arrived Value Pack event has been set free in the game on June 27 and will keep running till July 3. Firstly, in the event, players need to choose a card that will determine the price of their selected value pack. All the rewards will be organized into six parts or slots. Individuals need to select one item from each slot and finally purchase them at the specified diamond rate.

Rules and Regulations

  • Firstly, choose a card to determine the price of your Value Pack.
  • There will be 6 organized slots, each slot consisting of 6 items.
  • Customize your Value Pack by selecting one item from each of the six categorized slots.
  • Purchase up to a total of six value packs.
  • After the payment, the rewards will be credited to the players within 10 mins the time

Free Fire Value Pack Event Rewards

  • CAT 1:
    • Sea Dragon Bundle
    • Trench Princess Bundle
    • Crane Summoner Bundle
    • Crane Sorcerer Bundle
    • Banished Biker Bundle
    • Exiled Biker Bundle
  • CAT 2:
    • Flash Pet
    • Night Panther Pet
    • Spirit Fox Pet
    • Smooth Ride car skin
    • Moto Bike skin: Moco Month
    • Jeep skin: Thrash Goth.
  • CAT 3:
    • Manly Cologne
    • Pumpkin Bomb
    • Grenade skin: Pineapple Fizz
    • Pan skin: Sauce Swagger
    • Soundwave Thrasher
    • Underworld Curl.
Free Fire Value Pack Event
Image via Garena
  • CAT 4:
    • Pet skin: Cyber Flash
    • Pet skin: Spirit
    • Pet skin: Blue Fox
    • Wooden Horse Loot Box skin
    • Kneel and Apologize
    • Loot Box
  • CAT 5:
    • Clear Skies
    • Crimson neon
    • Join the Carnival!
    • Slither Surfboard
    • An Artist’s Escape
    • Death From Above.
  • CAT 6:
    • Blue Flame Draco Token Crate
    • Megalodon Alpha Token Crate
    • Predatory Cobra Token Crate 1
    • Swallowtail ( AWM+ SKS ) Weapon Loot Crate
    • Mystic Seeker ( Scar + Spas12) Weapon Loot Crate
    • FFCS ( M4A1+ Groza) Weapon Loot Crate.

The new value pack event will provide players with the option to claim some desired in-game items at a discounted amount. It’s a very good opportunity for interested players to claim exclusive rewards before the event ends.

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