Future of Brawl Stars: Brawl Stars’ CM reveals some exclusive insights

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer online battle arena, along with being a third-person hero strategy shooter. In this game, the players battle against other players or AI opponents in multiple game modes. Players can choose between characters called Brawlers that they have unlocked through Boxes, the Brawl Pass, the Trophy Road, or purchased through the Shop to use in battles. Recently in an AMA conducted with famous Youtuber Lex – Brawl Stars, the Brawl Stars Community Manager Dani answered some of the most awaited questions put forward by the community and shed some exciting insights on the game’s future.

New game modes and a change in trophy decay

Let’s look at some of the new things being considered as discussed by Dani

  • The new amount of Brawlers: Up to 200 brawlers.
  • A possible new map maker: Featured state after the map has gotten played in test slot plus inbox message with voting results. Map hashtag visible in-game. Report offensive map on the battle end screen.
  • A new 5v5 mode: a new 5v5 mode may soon be available.
  • Game modes/event rotation changes: Infected game mode.
  • Club wars: could soon be available to where players can wage war against rival clans.
  • New trophy decay starts at 501 trophies instead of 550.
  • Generally, the trophy decay levels are every 25 points instead of every 50 points
  • The trophy decay takes the Brawler to one point below the lower limit of their current tier. However, at 900 plus trophies, it ramps up.
  • Bounty: Middle Blue Star now serves as a tiebreaker. Defeating the player who is carrying the Star will transfer it over to the other team.
best brawlers in brawl stars

Confirmed changes in gadgets

These are a list of the latest gadgets implemented into the game:

  • Rosa: All opponents in bushes take 100 damage and get slowed down for 3 seconds.
  • Mr. P: The next attack will spawn an extra porter where the attack lands.
  • Poco: Removes active adverse effects from ally brawlers in a large area and gives a 1-second immunity.
  • Frank: Next attack pulls opponents to you.
  • Gene: Gene shoots a homing missile at all enemies inside a large area, the missile damage increases based on distance traveled
  • Nani: The next time Nani takes damage from an enemy, 80% of the damage is returned to the enemy. The rest is dealt with Nani like normal.
  • Tara: Tara spawns three shadows around herself that attack the nearest enemy and disappear after 6 seconds.
  • Tick: Tick becomes invulnerable for 1 second and then explodes for 1000 damage.

Also keep an eye out for the new Brawl Stars Esports season, which will start in as little as twelve hours. Many of the ideas that the developers from this game get are from the Brawl Stars Reddit, where they allow users themselves to input ideas and changes they feel could be beneficial to the game. They do take many of these ideas into consideration so make sure to head over there and add any ideas you think would help improve the game. Who knows your idea might actually spark a new community-driven feature to the devs for the game in the future!

What are your thoughts on the AMA Dani had and his answers surrounding the future of Brawl Stars? Let us know in the comments below!

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