Heroes of Fate and Fortune is a new simulation title from the makers of Forge of Empires, currently soft-launched in the US

Explore a fantasy world and grow your stronghold!

Heroes of Fate and Fortune is a mobile knight and simulator game by InnoGames which is currently under soft launch in the US. The game indicates that the players will be able to complete epic quests, build a settlement and run through unfamiliar lands. Monsters like wolves, orcs, skeletons, and other evil spirits will be found in the game.

Heroes of Fate and Fortune soft launch: Everything you need to know

The players will start with a small settlement and write their story as they play. They will also get to meet various fantasy characters and figure out if they’re friends or foes and grow the stronghold with the riches they discover. Players will get to explore the stunning fantasy world of Everlore, fight epic real-time battles, and face new challenges every day.

In this game, energy plays the main role, which is quickly spent on deforestation, harvesting, and other handyman activities. The players soon also get to learn that after one of the kingdoms was struck by a plague, the inhabitants and the guards were captured, and now they need to hire the remaining army and go with it to battles. Locations in this game are corridors but covered with the fog of war. Sometimes one can also find a valuable item or stumble upon an ambush.

Heroes of Fate soft launch
Heroes of Fate gameplay

Gameplay Overview

The fate of the player’s hero is in their hands. They will get to discover interesting characters and magical creatures along their way. Players will also face challenges which they will need to cross by solving exciting quests and mysteries. The players need to make sure to manage their energy wisely. They will also be able to build their stronghold and make their lands flourish.

Players need to be prepared for tough journeys, they need to farm and craft goods to hire the best troops. Players will have to explore the magical world of Everlore, fight epic real-time battles and defeat the wicked bosses and loot the best items. The game has only launched in the US as of now, those interested can download it from the Google Play Store.

Are you excited to try out Heroes of Fate and Fortune, which is currently under soft launch in the US? Let us know in the comments below.

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