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Honkai: Star Rail Memory of Chaos Floor 11 and 12 leaks: New Floors, Bosses, and more

More MOC challenges for endgame!

The latest leak for Honkai: Star Rail hints at a significant update for the Forgotten Hall game mode in the upcoming Version 1.6 update. Since its launch, HoYoverse’s turn-based RPG has provided players with various ways to interact with its world for the late-game phase. Notably, the game has introduced several combat challenges, including the Simulated Universe related to the Swarm Disaster and World 8. While the Forgotten Hall has been neglected in recent patches, it is leaked to receive fresh content in the next update featuring new Memory of Chaos additions for Floor 11 and 12.

Honkai: Star Rail New Memory of Chaos floors 11 and 12 Leaks

A recent leak from Star Rail Universe, a well-known HoYoverse leaker as shared by hiro420 just unveils the addition of two new stages to the Memory of Chaos challenges. These upcoming stages, the eleventh and twelfth, are set to raise the difficulty level for Star Rail players.

Alongside these tougher challenges, players can anticipate fresh rewards, with an additional 120 Stellar Jades available for those who conquer Floors 11 and 12. The Memory of Chaos update is rumored to be part of Version 1.6, with an expected release in late December.

In the upcoming Version 1.6 update for Honkai: Star Rail, the leaked information about the Forgotten Hall reveals the introduction of new challenges with Memory of Chaos floors 11 and 12. Currently capped at floor 10, these additional floors promise greater difficulty with the arrival of stronger bosses, providing players with a heightened level of challenge in the next patch.

To tackle these challenges, players will need to engage in weekly rotations, and as a result, they can anticipate a more rewarding experience with increased opportunities to earn valuable rewards.

Memory of Chaos version 1.6 Buffs

At the start of every wave or cycle, 10.0 of the following debuffs will be inflicted on all enemies: -10.0% ATK, -10.0% DEF, -10.0% SPD, -10.0% Effect RES, 20.0% additional follow-up attack DMG taken. Each effect stacks up to 3.0 times and lasts for 3.0 turns, causing 1 ally on the Path of The Hunt/Destruction to immediately take action again.

Memory of Chaos floor 11 Bosses and Enemies for version 1.6

  • Arumaton Spectral Envoy
  • Voidranger: Trampler
  • Gepard
  • Automaton Direwolf
  • Senior Staff: Team leader
  • Bronya
  • Ice Out of Space
  • Arumaton Gatekeeper
  • Svarog

Memory of Chaos floor 12 Bosses and Enemies for version 1.6

Honkai Star Rail MOC 11 and MOC 12
Image via HoYoverse
  • Abundance Sprite: Malefic Ape
  • Abundant Ebon Deer
  • Arumaton Spectral Envoy
  • Stormbringer
  • Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Shape Shifter
  • The Ascended
  • Silvermane Lieutenant
  • Swarm: True Sting

How to beat Memory of Chaos Floor 11 and 12

Considering that the new and annoying enemies featured for the version 1.6 Memory of Chaos floor 11 and 12 leaks, you should be focused on facing the Arumaton enemies. To effectively defeat both Arumaton Gatekeeper and Arumaton Spectral Envoy, a strategic approach is essential. Focus on building a team with a balanced mix of Imaginary and Physical damage dealers, as both bosses are susceptible to specific damage types. Coordinate your team’s skills and ultimates to maximize damage output, aiming to exploit their weaknesses.

Additionally, keep an eye on Arumaton Gatekeeper’s Sanction Rate. Try to control the pace of the battle to prevent the boss from entering Sanction mode and summoning the Illumination Dragonfish. For Arumaton Spectral Envoy, be wary of the Reverberation status. Utilize characters with abilities that dispel or mitigate Reverberation effects to maintain control over the battle. Effective coordination and understanding of the bosses’ mechanics will be key to emerging victorious in these encounters.

Final Thoughts

The Memory of Chaos update brings a heightened level of excitement to Star Rail, introducing two challenging new stages, the Memory of Chaos Floor 11 and 12, to test players’ skills and strategies. As the difficulty rises, so do the rewards, with an extra 120 Stellar Jades awaiting those who conquer these new floors. The anticipation for the update, rumored to coincide with Version 1.6’s late December launch, adds an air of excitement as players look forward to engaging with fresh content and pushing their limits in the ever-evolving world of Star Rail.

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