Hutch announces a new 4-day Working Week after a successful pilot run

The extension of the programme moves the policy into an official part of the company’s wellbeing, sustainability and productivity offering.

A 4-day working week will continue after the initial pilot phase, according to Hutch, the renowned automotive mobile game creator, making it the newest employee perk for the group. Hutch’s trial with 4 Day Week Global got underway in June 2022 and was extended to the studio’s headquarters and 150+ employees in London, Dundee, and Nova Scotia.

Productivity remained constant once the policy was put into place. During the trial, Hutch also noticed lower worker turnover and increased job offer acceptance rates. Hutch prioritized employee welfare when participating in the trial and in maintaining its status as a top employer in the gaming sector, having won the Best Place to Work award for the previous three years.

Hutch analyzed and adapted the necessary changes during the pilot

Hutch carefully collaborated with experts to support their workforce in making the most of a four-day workweek by testing the effect of the reduced week on productivity, team welfare, and more. Following the trial’s success, Hutch will adopt a four-day workweek as a rolling 12-month policy for all of its employees, which will be evaluated yearly.

Hutch team
Image via Hutch

To demonstrate the value of the modification to working procedures, Hutch participated in the official trial of 4 Day Week Global together with 70 other participating businesses. In the course of the trial, Hutch gave Boston College and Oxford University academics crucial information they used to develop a strong case for a 4-day workweek that would be published in February 2023.

This strategy will be maintained, and now that the four-day workweek is an official Hutch policy, changes will be made to the current program to promote its long-term success. Two of these changes are working on Fridays during the weeks when a bank holiday falls and bimonthly team days that give the chance to focus on work and social activities. Pro-rated holidays, a 2-hour “no meeting” period, and a designated quiet area established inside the office will all continue.

The trial taught us a great deal about making the most of the time we have, and how to pin down what Hutch needs to build on what we do well. 

Shaun Rutland, CEO of Hutch

To commemorate the team days, employees have also received an additional day of annual leave. Since the offices will be closed during the holiday season, the first day of the new four-day workweek schedule will really start on January 3rd, 2023.

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