India tops the chart of the Highest Mobile Game downloads in 2020 with a whopping 9.3 Billion

2020 has been a boon for the mobile industry!

If you have questions regarding the Mobile Gaming Industry and its future, then this article will clear your doubts. Sensor Tower’s latest report regarding the 2020 mobile marketing reveals that India had the most number of game downloads, around 9.3 Billion, throughout the year. It may not be that surprising to see India leading, but the margin between India and other countries is absolutely astonishing.

India tops the chart of the Highest Mobile Game downloads in 2020

Here you can see the complete stats of different regions according to different categories:

India has a lead of more than 4 billion downloads over the United States’ 5.1 Billion, nearly double the count followed by Brazil’s 2.8 Billion, which is also a small number considering Indian consumers. But surprisingly, India doesn’t find itself among the top 5 countries by revenue. Among the games, Free Fire ends the year being the most downloaded mobile game of 2020.

Gaming Culture in India

It’s well known that India’s gaming has always tended to be mobile-friendly, and the reports totally confirm that. Due to the combined effects of its economy and poor gaming recognition, Indians never had the opportunity of going professional regarding the game.

Due to mobile phones being cheaper and easily accessible, mobile gaming is the majority within the country. The country always had a majority of casual gaming, the expansion of Esports, and the addition of professionalism in it completely changed the gaming scene. People have now started recognizing gaming as a career being an esports player, streamer, content creators, etc.

India is new to gaming. The country is still building its structure. Everything takes time, so will building the gaming ecosystem within the country from the player base to the audience. Moreover, mobile gaming is entirely new to everyone. Nobody expected games to be played on mobile phones at a competition level. But once it was proved that mobile gaming can be a hit, companies started porting their games to mobile phones. And the results can be seen now. Mobile titles are making records every year.

Indian Gaming In 2020

The entire year put everyone home which eventually led to an increase in engagement with games. The country was seeing an increase in its audience and base. PUBG Mobile played the most crucial part in making gaming recognizable and boosted the Indian gaming scene. But the ban of the game proved to be a major setback that decreased the pace of the entire gaming industry as well as Indian Esports. Even 4 months after the game’s ban, no game hasn’t been able to take it up to mainstream gaming.

Currently, Free Fire leads the race of being the most played game. The game was one of the games starting professional mobile gaming in India, which first picked up its players and then esports journey. Call Of Duty: Mobile has also started marking its professional scene in the country. The game is expected to be a huge competitor for PUBG Mobile in the coming days.

Supercell’s Clash Of Clans and Brawl Stars can also be considered in the discussion when it comes to talks about Indian competitive gaming. So, whether it’s casual gaming or going professional over a game. India has shown a very sharp side in mobile gaming and has become a marketing target for many companies. There may be critics about mobile gaming being dead but stats never lie. Being the most accessible and affordable device, mobiles and their gaming will rise and will become hard to ignore in the upcoming times.

What do you think about India topping the chart of the Highest Mobile Game downloads in 2020? Drop-in your opinions in the comment section below!

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