League of Legends: Wild Rift introduced ‘Find Your Champion’ ahead of Open Beta launch

Find out the most suitable hero for you

Today Riot Games added a new section in the League of Legends Wild Rift website called ‘Find Your Champion’. While the Open Beta lunch preparation for South-East Asia Region is at its peak, features like this will surely attract more people towards checking out the game.

What is ‘Find Your Champion’ in Wild Rift

‘Find Your Champion’ is an easy process for the new players who are not much familiar with the League of Legends universe. Upon arriving on the page, players will be asked questions. Players can either swipe left or swipe right to choose between the two answers. Each answer will take them to the next question. Like these, there will be a total of 4 questions. And at the end, the system will recommend a champion to match the playstyle based on the answers.

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Images via Wild Rift website

Once the result is found, players can check the details to find more about the champion.

Another great initiative to capture the attention of the new players

Although the suggestions are quite limited for now. But probably it is the best for the beginners. A handful of Champions are selected for the answers. So players can even try different combinations of answers to see which champions the League of Legends Wild Rift team are recommending to the players. However, you can always check our list of best beginner-friendly champions of Wild Rift to start easy.

Other than that, it seems that the marketing is being done very well for League of Legends Wild Rift. While the pre-launch hype has already there, things like this or the participation in Apple Launch event or teaming up with SBTG studios to produce limited-edition Wild Rift Nike Shoes or even the tie-up with Verizon 5G to host an Invitational tournament before the launch of Open Beta are showing how hard the team is trying to increase the reach of the game as much as possible.

What is your opinion on the new find your champion section in League of Legends: Wild Rift? How excited are you for the release of wild rift? Let us know in the comment section below!

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