Linea is a storyline puzzle game by Infinity Games, now available on Android and iOS

Help characters by drawing the line to the end of the path of light!

Infinity Games has launched its new title, “Linea”, a lovely storyline puzzle game. Players can unwind, take in beautifully created world, get lost in an engaging story, challenge themselves, and meet intriguing characters.

Discover each characters’ unique story in the storyline puzzle game, Linea

Linea is a game that revolves around finding and combines puzzles and a narrative. Players must help each character as they travel through their distinctive tales by following the flow of light. Each completed puzzle uncovers new dialogue lines and advances the story. There are distinct settings, characters, and dialogue to discover in every brand-new story.

Linea available
Image via Infinity Games

As the player advances, more objectives are added. This makes it harder to draw a line of light and connect all the puzzle pieces. Linea is an adorable and simple game that gives a feeling of accomplishment while resolving puzzles and learning the characters’ stories. Players are accompanied by the lovely environment and music throughout the game.

Solve puzzles and collect Fireflies to obtain exciting in-game rewards

The player’s objective is to aid the progression of each short story’s cast of distinctive characters by resolving all of their puzzles. Even though each story is short, it takes players on an intense emotional voyage filled with excitement, adventure, love, and loss.

The puzzles contain fireflies that players can collect for unique collectibles as rewards while playing. These collectibles take the form of photographs from various places recently visited. More secrets are revealed in the amassed photographs as more fireflies are gathered.

Players can investigate the intriguing tales, discoveries, and secrets offered by “Linea”. The game is now available on both Android and iOS devices. Interested players can visit the official Infinity Games website for more information.

Are you excited as Infinity Games’ Linea is now available on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comment section below.

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