Meta’s plan to allow users download apps through Facebook could be a game-changer for the mobile games industry

Could it be a master stroke?

Meta is reportedly planning to challenge the dominant app store positions held by Apple and Google. They intend to enable users from the European Union (EU) to directly download apps through Facebook ads, which could potentially compete with Google and Apple’s app stores.

Meta is planning to capitalize on the Digital Markets Act regulation in the EU

This move is made possible by the upcoming Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulation in the EU, which ensures a fair and open digital market for its customers. This requires Apple and Google to open up their mobile platforms to allow alternative app download methods.

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Well, this was already announced last year, with reports of Apple allowing side-loading and alternative App Stores in 2024, which currently looks to be a bigger possibility. Later this year, Meta is planning to launch a pilot program that will involve a chosen group of Android app developers.

Meta spokesperson, Tom Channick, confirmed the plan to the Verge: “We’ve always been interested in helping developers distribute their apps, and new options would add more competition in this space. Developers deserve more ways to easily get their apps to the people that want them.”

Why Meta’s idea could be a game changer

It is a fact that the app distribution market is currently heavily dominated by two major players, namely Google and Apple, with their respective app stores. While these app stores have their merits, the emergence of strong competition can force certain policies that have been a case of controversy, particularly Apple’s practice of taking a 30% cut from platform transactions.

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With this idea of not planning to take a cut of in-app revenue from participating apps, Meta will provide an alternative distribution path that bypasses traditional app stores, allowing customers to download apps directly through Facebook ads. This method could provide developers with a new way to reach their intended audience, thereby expanding the market for the greater good.

What are your thoughts on Meta’s plan to allow users to download apps through Facebook? Do let us know in the comments below!

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