Mobile Legends December 2022 Starlight Pass: New skins, emotes and more

Vexena to get a brand new skin!

We have already reached the end of the year, with only 33 days remaining until the end of the season in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. We are expecting that MOONTON will surely provide some unique and cool-looking skins. For this December, MOONTON Games offered us Vexena, the Circus Magician,” to terrorize the Land of Dawn as a mage. Along with Hilda‘s painted skin, they will also provide us with unique free-to-play skin. So without much further Ado, let us check out the new skins, emotes, and more exciting rewards that can be gotten out via the December 2022 Starlight Pass in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends December 2022 Starlight Pass: New Skins

New Starlight Skin

Mobile Legends December 2022 Starlight Pass
Image via MOONTON Games

If we look closely at the pass’s main skin, we can see that MOONTON has created a Vexena skin that almost seems epic, where she can enlarge a gigantic clown-type lord while she is the showstopper. Not only that, but you will also get three free Permanent Stuff:

  • Sacred statue of Vexena
  • Hilda’s painted skin of Bass Craze
  • A cool emote from Vexena

Starlight Skin Options

Just as always, every month upon purchase of the Starlight Pass, players would be able to choose one among the series of 5 starlight skins. These are some of the selected Starlight Skins, that players can get upon having a Starlight Pass in December 2022.

Mobile Legends December 2022 Starlight Pass
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Brody’s Lethal Fang: It is exclusive-looking starlight skin for Brody that launched in 2021, and its in-game skill effects are very eye-soothing. As the main marksman, you should go for it.
  • Jawhead’s Candy Bear: It was launched in 2021, and in our opinion, Jawhead‘s skin will be the most popular because it is currently in the meta and, secondly, because its animations are very appealing. It is especially recommended because recently Jawhead got buffs, so now it can be used as a tank, exp laner, or jungler.
  • Vexena’s Circus Magician: Previously, we discussed this skin, and here comes the main part: when using the ultimate Eternal Guard, it will surely give an enemy a touch of terror, along with her first skill, Deathly Grasp. As a mage main, it is definitely worth buying, and if you can use it wisely, it can be picked up in high elo too.
  • Yu Zhong’s Biohazard: Generally speaking, this Yu Zhong skin is the most affordable skin of the beast, though it was released in 2020, it will never disappoint you if you cannot afford the two costly limited-time skins.
  • Selena’s Double Identity: released in 2019, appears decent but lacks the glistening sheen that other Selena skins have. If you are a Selena main and do not have any skin right now, then go for it.

Note: In MLBB, there is a huge change that will occur soon in the jungle sounds. Previously, Selena, Popol, Atlas, and Xavier could target an enemy or their buff by listening to the monster or creep sound, but now they cannot hear it if they are not close enough. Sure, this is a huge benefit for Junglers and squishy-type heroes.

Remember, each of the skins is Starlight Pass’s skin, so they are equally beautiful. And also a gentle reminder that you can access some specific heroes’ free play skins every week. The period is 2/12/2022 to 12/30/2022. Once a week, with a wide range of options. And obviously, chats will also reflect your starlight perks. Not to forget the shop, where players can gather points to buy some exclusive skins.

Mobile Legends December 2022 Starlight Pass: Other Rewards

Players will receive several Starlight Pass rewards for December 2022. Here are some bonuses for buying the pass.

Mobile Legends December 2022 Starlight Pass
Image via MOONTON Games
  • +10 bonus protection points
  • +10% bonus experience
  • +5% battle points
  • Access six free heroes each week.
  • 6 weekly free skins
  • Starlight Avatar Border for 31 days
  • Starlight’s exclusive Spawn, Recall, and Elimination effects
  • 1-time free Mystery Shop Refresh
  • Extended in-game friends (capped at 200)
  • Starlight battle emotes
  • Starlight talent page
  • Sign in from the previous day (and log in from the current day).


So, these are all the benefits of the December Starlight Pass, and it is worth every penny. And maybe it is the perfect time to spend some money on diamonds. There is currently a Lesley Epic skin event going on. Whereas if you recharge 250 diamonds and spend 250 diamonds, you will receive 40 spins, with one random skin and its exclusive recall effect and border, which is very beautiful.

By God’s grace, if you are lucky enough, you will get that Lesley skin too. So you will get a total of three permanent skins by buying one pass. So it does not matter which role you are playing in MLBB; you can access and flaunt a set of skins in front of your enemy. 

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