Mobile Legends Hilda Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

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Hilda, the fearless warrior of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, wanders the Land of Dawn in search of her true purpose. As a deadly mix of tank and fighter, she excels at taking down enemies with ease. Her skill set is like heavy artillery, perfect for harassing enemies right from the start. She’s not just strong offensively, she can quickly regenerate health by hiding in bushes, making her an exceptional roamer and jungle invader. According to Hilda’s skill-casting combos, we can consider this hero easy and fun to play. In this guide, we will take a look at the best emblem, spell, build, including tips and tricks to pave your way to victory with Hilda in Mobile Legends.

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Skill Analysis

Hilda is a hero with the common four skill sets of one passive and three actives. In this Hilda guide, let’s see what her abilities are in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of her.

Passive – Blessing of Wilderness (Buff)

When Hilda steps into a bush, she starts healing herself by 2% of her max HP every second. Plus, she gets a shield equal to 20% of her max HP. This shield lasts for 5 seconds after she leaves the bush, and it has 10 seconds cooldown.

Every time Hilda attacks or uses a skill, she marks her target with Wilderness Mark. This mark lasts for 4 seconds and can stack up to 6 times. Each stack reduces the target’s physical and magic defense by 4%. So, the more marks she puts on her target, the weaker they become to her attacks and skills.

Skill 1 – Combat Ritual (Speed Up) (AOE)

CD – 10.0

Hilda unleashes the power of her mighty axe, she receives a 60% movement speed. Her next basic attack becomes empowered for 3 seconds. This enhanced attack not only deals 200( +100% Total Physical Attack) physical damage to the target but also slows them down by 40% for 3 seconds.

Additionally, if other heroes are behind the initial target, Hilda’s empowered attack can also deal 120( +60% Total Physical Attack) physical damage to them. Use this skill when you harass enemies, inflicting significant damage while impeding your enemies’ movements.

Skill 2 – Art of Hunting (Damage) (CC)

CD – 8.0

Hilda locks onto an enemy target and unleashes a barrage of attacks. The first hit deals 220( +100% Total Physical Attack) physical damage. She can use this skill up to 3 times. On the second attack, not only does she damage the target but also the enemies nearby.

On the third and final attack, she knocks back the main target and nearby enemies temporarily. This skill is great for dealing with damage and controlling the positioning of enemies in team fights or skirmishes.

Skill 3 – Power of Wildness (CC) (Burst)

CD – 32.0

Hilda launches a powerful slash at her target, dealing a whopping 600( +250% Extra Physical Attack) physical damage. This attack also stuns the target briefly for 0.2 seconds. Nearby enemies take 60% of the damage as well.

Each stack of Wilderness Mark on the target increases the damage of this skill. At maximum stacks, Hilda’s Power of Wildness ability deals an additional 20% of the target’s maximum health as extra damage.

Skill up Methods for Hilda   

Unlock Skill 2 first and upgrade it to the max level. Upgrade Skill 1 accordingly. Ultimate whenever available. Skill 2 >> Ultimate >> Skill 1

Combinations to perform with Hilda

Hilda’s combo is simple yet super effective, letting you take down enemies with ease. With this sequence of moves, you’ll see just how powerful and versatile Hilda can be on the battlefield.


Start by activating Hilda’s first skill, Combat Ritual, to gain a movement speed boost. This will help you close the gap between you and your target. Follow up with a basic attack to apply Wilderness Mark to the target. Next, use Hilda’s second skill, the Art of Hunting, to deal damage and slow down the enemy. Finally, unleash her ultimate ability, Power of Wildness, to stun the target and deal massive damage. This combination is great for initiating fights and quickly bursting down enemies with Hilda’s powerful abilities.

Skill 1 + AA + Skill 2 + Ultimate

Use this combo in team fights, begin by activating Hilda’s ultimate, Power of Wildness, to stun the target and inflict substantial damage. Immediately follow up with her second skill, the Art of Hunting, to deal damage and close the distance between you and your target. Then, swiftly uses her first skill, Combat Ritual, to slow down the enemy and deal additional damage. Finally, unleash basic attacks to continue dealing damage and secure the kill.

Ultimate + Skill 2 + Skill 1 + AA

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Hilda in Mobile Legends

As you play Hilda on the Roaming, I suggest using the Custom Tank emblem. You can pick talents that best match your style and needs to improve your Hilda gameplay.

Custom Tank Emblem

Playing a Roaming role, Hilda benefits greatly from the Custom Tank emblem. This emblem boosts her HP, Hybrid Defense, and HP Regeneration, making her tougher and more resilient in battles. With increased survivability and sustained healing, Hilda can endure more damage while providing consistent pressure on the enemy team.

Mobile Legends Hilda Custom Tank Emblem
Image via MOONTON Games

As for standard talents, I recommend Agility and Tenacity. Agility grants her increased movement speed, facilitating swift rotations across the map. Tenacity provides a crucial defensive boost, bolstering Hilda’s resilience when her HP is low. As for the core talent, Concussive Blast, it enhances Hilda’s presence on the battlefield by dealing substantial damage to multiple enemies at once good for invading and harassing enemies. However, if you want to read an in-depth emblem guide, check here.

Battle Spell

For the Battle Spell, I recommend going with Sprint or Execute. As Hilda, your main job is to start fights, chase down enemies, and escape when things get tough. Using the Sprint battle spell helps you do this better by boosting your speed. Another good spell for Hilda is Execute. Since she’s all about aggressive play, diving into fights, and going after weaker enemies, Execute gives her extra damage to finish them off.

Best Builds for Hilda in Mobile Legends

You can try out different item builds on Hilda depending on what the enemy team picks and her role in the battle. Here are some suggested template builds to get you started.

Mobile Legends Hilda Item Builds
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Tough Boots – Encourage: Provides resistance against crowd control effects, enhancing Hilda’s survivability during fights, and Encourage grants allies physical attack, magic power, and attack speed boost.
  • Dominance Ice: A core item of Hilda as it reduces enemy healing and attack speed, prioritize this if you’re facing Physical Damage and HP-regen compositions.
  • Athena’s Shield: Offers significant magic resistance and a shield effect, increasing Hilda’s durability against high burst magic damage threats.
  • Blade of the Heptaseas: Enhances Hilda’s physical damage output significantly, providing extra burst damage and armor penetration. It synergizes well with her aggressive playstyle
  • Immortality: Provides a second chance in battle with a resurrection effect, allowing Hilda to rejoin fights after being killed.
  • Antique Cuirass: Combines physical defense and HP, with a passive that reduces enemies’ physical attack, bolstering Hilda’s survivability in team fights.
  • Radiant Armor: Provides a significant reduction in magic damage, making Hilda more resilient against enemy mage attacks, especially the damage over time effect of magic skills.
  • Blade Armor: Reflects damage back to attackers, punishing enemies with high attack speed like Marksmen.
  • Oracle: Increases HP regeneration and provides shields against physical and magical damage, improving Hilda’s shield when she is in the bush.
  • Guardian Helmet: Provides additional HP regeneration based on missing health, allowing Hilda to recover quickly between fights.
  • Cursed Helmet: Deals damage to nearby enemies based on their maximum HP, making it effective against close-range combatants or low-HP heroes, and clearing lanes.
  • Malefic Roar: Increases armor penetration, enabling Hilda to deal more damage to tanky opponents, aiding in securing kills efficiently.

Mobile Legends Hilda Gameplay Tips

As Hilda, your primary role is to initiate fights, chase down enemies, and escape when necessary. You’ll lead the charge into battles, disrupting enemy formations and creating opportunities for your team to secure kills and objectives. According to her gameplay, I can break it down into three phases. Our Mobile Legends Hilda guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late games. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero.

Early Game

In the early game, start by unlocking your second skill to boost your roaming ability. Head into the enemy jungle to disrupt their progress, slowing down their gold and experience gain. If things get too intense, use Sprint to make a quick escape.

Mobile Legends Hilda Gameplay
Image via MOONTON Games

And always remember to retreat to nearby bushes to activate the Blessing of Wilderness shield and heal up. This strategy not only helps your team secure objectives but also puts the enemy team at a disadvantage in the long run.

Mid Game

As the game moves into the mid-game, shift your focus to targeting the squishier enemy heroes. Look for opportunities to engage and take down these priority targets using Hilda’s skills. Coordinate closely with your teammates to control objectives like towers and jungle buffs, and keep an eye on the map to maintain dominance.

Mobile Legends Hilda Gameplay
Image via MOONTON Games

If you encounter enemies in the jungle, don’t hesitate to harass them. You have Sprint to make a quick escape if needed, but be cautious not to overcommit. Work with your team to apply pressure on the enemy and create opportunities to secure important objectives like Lord or Turtle. By prioritizing squishy targets and maintaining control of the map, you’ll help your team gain a significant advantage as the game goes on.

Late Game

In the late game, your focus should remain on disrupting the enemy team during team fights. Focus on diving onto their key damage dealers, soak up damage, and use skills to help your team win. Remember to stay aware of your positioning and use bushes to heal up and escape danger.

Image via MOONTON Games

It’s important to maximize Hilda’s damage potential by completing your stacks. Use your ultimate skill wisely, wait for the right moment after the enemy has used their Blink skill. Also, avoid using your ultimate randomly on crab or jungle monsters, instead, lock onto your target before casting it to ensure efficiency.

Heroes that can counter HildaHeroes that Hilda can counter

Final Thoughts

Hilda is a nightmare for squishy foes like assassins, marksmen, and mages. Make sure to use her skills to target and take them down efficiently, but watch out for stuns and other crowd control effects—they can stop her in her tracks. Always support your teammates and take advantage of bushes for healing and shielding. Don’t forget to aim your ultimate properly, it can be cast on jungle monsters when you clash near the jungle monsters. And lastly, don’t be stingy with your Sprint ability, use it when necessary to secure victories on the battlefield.

These tips will guide you towards easy wins with Hilda in Mobile Legends. Additionally, you can check out our latest tier list to learn more about the revamped meta heroes in the current season.

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That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Hilda Guide. Do you prefer to use Hilda in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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