Mobile Legends Atlas Guide: Best Emblem, Build and Gameplay Tips

 The new OP Tank, Atlas has an irritating number of CC skills in Mobile Legends. Being an HP-type tank his damage depends on the amount of HP he builds. He is now the best tank to control any ganks in a game and can be a game-changer if combined with a CC damage dealer like Badang or Odette. He has also some OP combination skills that can kill almost every mm and mage if used properly. Here in this Mobile Legends Atlas guide, we will discuss some secrets to using the hero properly and a short tutorial on the combos and builds.

Hero Stats

Atlas has a movement speed of 240 which makes him faster than other tanks. He has a Physical ATK of 135 which is basic for most of the tanks. He has a Physical Defence of 21 and Magic defense of 10 making him little vulnerable for magic damage dealers. Atlas has an HP of 2819 which is comparatively low amongst other HP based tanks. Atlas is a mana based hero and has mana of 440. Attack speed is 0.786 and his HP regen is 42. Mana regen is 15.

mobile legends atlas
Mobile Legends Atlas Guide

Skill Analysis 

As we mentioned earlier Atlas has an irritating number of CC skills. Now let’s discuss them in particular.

Annihilate (Skill 1)

This is an AoE type skill for Atlas. He smashes the ground inside his atk range and causes three explosions. Each explosions deals 230 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the enemies. This skill has 7 CDs and uses mana of 60.

If he is ejected from his Mecha Sentry, both he and the mecha will cast the explosions increasing the damage range.

Perfect match (Skill 2)

Atlas enters the Ejected state, gaining 25% Movement speed and slow effects immunity. In this state, the body will follow the pilot at an increasing speed which can only be controlled by suppression. Once the pilot returns to the body it deals with magic damage of 320 (+55% Total Magic Power) to the nearby enemies and stuns them for 1.2s. Atlas and its Mecha share the same HP and while in the ejected state the damage taken is reduced by 50%.

Atlas hurls chain to all the nearby heroes and starts to channel dealing 225 (+75% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 40% for 3s. Use this skill again while channelling and he will drag the enemies and knocks them up and throws them to the targeted location dealing 360 (+120% Total Magic Damage) Magic Damage.

Using this skill in the ejected state will merge mecha sentry to Atlas to merge increasing the stun time.


Atlas generates frigid breadth around him for 5s each time he casts a skill. Enemies staying inside this for 1.5s will experience reduced movement speed by 50% and Attack Speed by 50%. The slowing effect can be removed immediately by leaving the area of Frigid Breadth. Atlas also gains 64-120 Physical and Magical Defence while he is inside the frigid breath.

Best Emblem set for Atlas in Mobile Legends

The recommended emblem set is Support as Atlas has a good amount of HP regen and hybrid damage. To boost those abilities, the Support emblem is the best choice.

Now set the support emblem in the following order:

  • 1st set: Vitality +3
  • 2nd set: Gift +1,Recovery +2
  • 3rd set: Focusing Mark

You can also use the Custom tank emblem and set the emblem in the following order.

  • 1st Set: Vitality +3
  • 2nd Set: Inspire +3
  • 3rd set: Tenacity +3

Best Builds for Atlas in Mobile Legends

best build for atlas, Mobile Legends Atlas guide
Builds for Atlas in Mobile Legends

We won’t recommend using a single type of build on a tank as in every match situation are different and you need to build according to the match and gameplay which will help, not only you but your teammates will also be in the advantage if the tank can take more damage. But there are certain types of equipment that are a must for Atlas.

At the starting of the game, you need to buy a Courage mask as the first item. This will help you to get in a squishy situation and also get out of the situation. You can also buy the Awe Mask it will help you to chase an enemy making him slow for 1.2s. Then we would recommend you take Rapid Boots to increase to Max movement speed. You can also go for the Warrior boots or Tough boots depending on the situation.

After that, you need to build HP for Atlas to increase the passive damage. Guardian Helmet is the best option as it will give you 1550 HP and will increase the HP regen by +100. Then take a Cursed helmet which will give you +1200HP more and +25 Magic defense. Not only this the Cursed Helmet passive will also help you to deal with slow magic damage to the enemies and is actually helpful to execute one.

These two equipments are must for Atlas as this both will give an HP boost and will increase the damage to a certain amount so that you can kill and hold a gank easily.  Now after this the equipment you take totally depends on the situation. If your team is dominating the game, then directly go for Immortality and Athena’s Shield. If the enemy is dominating then from our experience, you should go for Twilight Armour for Burst resistance and Fleeting time for hybrid damage.

Now for the spell, the only recommended spell is Flicker. You can use the Flicker to do some combos and get out of gank or start a gank.

Mobile Legends Atlas Gameplay Tips

Basically, Atlas has two types of combos. The first one is for a single target enemy and the second one is for group ganks. And as for the positioning, Atlas is an initiator type tank so u need to put yourself in the front in order to start a group fight.

mobile legends atlas

First Combo

In order to perform this combo, you need a turret as the main damage dealer. When the enemy is near the turret use your skill 2 to eject and go near the targeted enemy when the enemy is inside the range use 1st skill to stun him. Then use the 3rd skill or ultimate to chain him up, while chaining you need to target him and throw him inside the turret. When the enemy is inside the turret use your 1st skill to give him the final damage and slow him up with your passive. If this combo is used properly, any hero will be dead easily without any doubt. 

2nd skill + 1st skill + Ult (throw inside turret) + 1st skill

Second Combo

The second is basically to initiate a gank and your main targets should be the damage dealers of the enemy team. So suppose a situation where you and your damage deal is hiding in a bush, you see the enemies coming toward you. Use the 1st skill to slow them up, then use the 2nd skill in such a way that they get stunned, then at the same moment use ultimate and knock then towards your damage dealers, they will be pretty dead after this. If they are not Use 1st skill again for the final blow.

 1st skill+ 2nd skill+ Ult(knock them up)

These are the basic combos for Atlas. In order to use them properly, you need to practice a bit and master the moves. Atlas is not too tough to use but it needs a little team strategy to dominate a ranked match with Atlas. That’s all the guide you need to use Atlas like a pro in Mobile Legends.

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