Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.68 and 1.8.70 Update: Hero Adjustments, Equipment Adjustments more

More details about the Patch Update discussing item changes!

With the new Project NEXT 2024 Update set to arrive later this year, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) developers aim to make some big changes to the current items in the game. Along with the revamped Equipment, the developers at MOONTON Games aim to add new items to the game, as well. These item adjustments and introductions are introduced in the Advanced Server after a discussion with the players on Layla’s Workshop. Let us discuss Patch 1.8.68 and Patch 1.8.70 Update in Mobile Legends in detail.

New Hero: Zhuxin

Zhuxin is a mage role hero with lots of crowd-control abilities. Her crowd-control capabilities are going to be more of specializing in knocking enemy targets airborne. This perk proves to be a very unique and ideal ability that can change the tides of the battlefield.

Mobile Legends Zhuxin Game Guide News Cover
Image via MOONTON Games


Passive: Crimson Butterflies

While channeling Lantern Flare, Zhuxin converts the Mana spent into up to 20 Crimson Butterflies to follow her Spirit Lantern. After Zhuxin stops channeling Lantern Flare, the Crimson Butterflies will gradually disappear, each restoring 2% of her Max Mana.

Skill 1: Fluttering Grace

Zhuxin deals 300/340/380/420/450/480 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all enemies in a fan-shaped area and applies 3 stacks of Soul Snare. Zhuxin also steals 40% Movement Speed from all enemy heroes hit for 1.5s

Skill 2: Lantern Flare

Hold: Zhuxin continuously consumes Mana while the Spirit Lantern can be moved with the skill button, dealing 80/100/120/140/160/180 (+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all enemies within range every 0.3s and applying Soul Snare to enemy heroes hit. When an enemy hero has 10 stacks of Soul Snare, the Crimson Butterflies will capture them, pulling them airborne,

Release: Throws all captured enemies to the target location, dealing 425/470/515/540/605/650 (+140% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all enemies in the area.

If the enemy takes damage several times, the subsequent damage taken is reduced by 80%

Skill 3 – Crimson Beacon

Zhuxin blinks to the target location and enters a flying state while gaining a 500/750/1000 (+20% Total Magic Power) shield. While flying, she creates a field around her for 6s, The field deals 60/75/90 (+20% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and applies 1 stack of Soul Stare to enemies every 0.5s

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.70 Update: Hero Adjustments

Ling (Buffed)

Ling is weak in the early and mid-game and can’t get instant kills in the late game, so the devs have adjusted the damage ratio of his skills and his Basic Attack, which hopefully will help him deal more damage in the early game but reduce his sustained damage in the late game. They have also reduced the Energy Cost of some skills to match the purple Buff adjustment.

Ruby (Nerfed)

Ruby MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch update 1.5.78
Image via MOONTON Games

Ruby can easily get Spell Vamp from Talents and Equipment in the early game, so the devs have removed her Base Spell Vamp. Since the short cooldown of her Skill 1 can keep her enemies slowed throughout the fight, the devs have also adjusted the slow duration.

Yve (Buffed)

Devs want to speed up Yve’s lane clearing in the early and mid-game and make Skill 1 easier to use to give her an edge in the current patch.

Jawhead (Adjusted)

Jawhead is currently active in Exp Lane, Jungle, and Roaming, and his passive only benefits himself. Considering that Jawhead’s Basic Attack is a large part of his overall damage, the devs want to improve Jawhead’s ability to help the team without affecting his overall damage.

Tigreal (Nerfed)

The Developers are glad to see Tigreal back on the battlefield. Now that he can stun enemies with the first half of his Ultimate, it’s much easier to use the skill. Devs want to keep that but shorten the overall control effect.

Mathilda (Nerfed)

Devs want to keep Mathilda’s core gameplay but make it less difficult to play in high-rank and top-level matches.

Miya (Buffed)

Increased her Skill 2’s arrow damage, but the total damage remains the same.

Joy (Adjusted)

Image via Moonton

Joy’s gameplay is too easy to play in high-rank and top-level matches, so devs removed her Control Immunity but greatly increased her damage.

Lolita (Buffed)

Lolita’s passive shield took too long to stack and was not very useful in fast-paced battles. Devs improved the passive effects to match her other skills and reduced the cooldown on her Skill 1 to give her more flexibility in the mid and late game.

Masha (Buffed)

The removal of Control Immunity makes it easy to kite Masha in some situations, so devs increased her Basic Attack Range and reduced the cooldown on her ranged damage to give her more room to maneuver.

Pharsa (Buffed)

Pharsa does not perform well in high-rank and top-level matches, so the devs decided to improve her lane-clearing abilities to give her an advantage in the Mid Lane.

Alice (Buffed)

Increased the Mana Regen to match the purple Buff adjustment.

Akai / Karina/ Lunox/ Lesley/ Lancelot/ Roger/ Fanny/ Bane/ Aamon/ Esmeralda (Buffed)

The devs have reduced the Mana Cost of some skills to match the purple Buff adjustment.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.68 Update: Equipment Adjustments

These items changes, new and revamped items will provide a more diverse set of choices for heroes of each class introduced with the Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.68 Update. For a better experience with the new equipment, your previous equipment setups with optimized equipment will be reset to default. We have also changed most of the default setups to match the equipment adjustments.

Players can send the devs some feedback through Layla’s Workshop and other channels. The devs will also continue to make adjustments to equipment effects, stats, icons, and in-game visual effects.

New Items

Sky Piercer

Sky Piercer Pandora Box Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.68 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

Developers want to give Assassins a riskier but more rewarding choice to make the early game fight more intense.

Equipment Attributes
  • +60 Adaptive Attack
  • +20 Movement Speed
Unique Passive – Lethality
  • After dealing damage to an enemy hero, it executes the hero if their HP is lower than 5%.
  • One gains 10 stacks of Lethality for each kill and loses 8 stacks for each death. Each stack of Lethality increases the HP threshold of the execute effect by 0.1%, stacking up 70 times.

Expert Gloves

We added a new component to some adaptive equipment.

Equipment Attributes

+30 Adaptive Attack

Malefic Gun

Developers want to optimize Marksmen’s Basic Attack experience and allow some to make use of their Attack Range and movement to dish out damage in teamfights safely.

Equipment Attributes
  • +30 Physical Attack
  • +20% Attack Speed
  • +15% Crit Chance
Active Skill – Malefic Energy

Increases Attack Range by 15% units for 2s. The duration resets each time a Basic Attack hits a hero. The effect has a 70s cooldown.

Unique Passive – Zeal

Basic Attacks grant 10% Movement Speed for 1s.

Pandora’s Box

Mages don’t have equipment that deals impressive damage to high HP heroes, so we added this equipment that hopefully won’t do too much damage to squishy heroes.

Equipment Attributes
  • +70 Magic Power
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
Unique Passive – Seeker

For every 300 Magic Damage dealt to an enemy hero, a projectile is launched at the enemy hero, dealing True Damage equal to 1% of their Max HP.

Merged Items

Glowing Wand and Necklace of Durance

Glowing Wand and Necklace of Durance Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.68 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

Glowing Wand’s effects are too simple without the damage increase, while Necklace of Durance pales in comparison to the other two pieces of Regen Reduction equipment. Therefore, we removed the Necklace of Durance and added its effects to the Glowing Wand.

Unique Passive – Lifebane (New)

Dealing damage to a target will reduce the Shield and HP Regen effects on them to 50% of normal for 3s.

Price (↓)

1950 >> 2150

Queen’s Wings and Bloodlust Axe

Players have removed Bloodlust Axe and added its effects to Queen’s Wings, which will hopefully fit more Fighters and help them perform low-HP outplays.

Equipment Attributes
  • +40 Adaptive Attack
  • +600 Max HP
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +15% Spell Vamp
Unique Passive – Demonize (Reworked)

When HP drops below 40%, gains 600-2000 Shield (scales with level) and reduces the skill cooldown by 2s. The effect has a 60s cooldown.

Revamped Items

Thunder Belt

Mobile Legends Project Next 2024 Update new items Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.68 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

Devs want the new Thunder Belt to match more Tank Fighters instead of other heroes and provide enough damage.

Equipment Attributes
  • +800 Max HP
  • +20 Physical Defense
  • +20 Magic Defense
  • +20 Movement Speed
Unique Passive – Thunderbolt
  • Every 4 seconds, the next Basic Attack will deal an extra 50 + 100% Physical Defense + 100% Magic Defense true damage to the target and surrounding enemies, along with a brief but powerful slow by 99%.
  • Each hit on an enemy hero will permanently increase Hybrid Defense by 1.

Twilight Armor

Devs wants to improve the versatility of Twilight Armor against burst damage.

Unique Passive – Twilight

Upon taking more than 800 damage in a single instance, the excess damage beyond that amount is reduced by (0.4% of Max HP)% without cooldown (applies to enemy damage only).

Clock of Destiny

The new Clock of Destiny will help Magic heroes who need both damage and durability, and we also find equipment that grows slowly over time is not suitable for fast-paced gameplay.

Equipment Attributes
  • +45 Magic Power
  • +400 Max HP
  • +800 Max Mana
Unique Passive – Destiny

The Passive gains 5-12 Hybrid Defense (scales with level) each time dealing Magic Damage, stacking up to 6 times for 3s (can gain 1 stack every 0.4s).

Dominance Ice (~)

Devs want it to have similar counter-effects for Fighters and Marksmen who rely on Attack Speed.

Unique Passive – Arctic Cold (~)
  • Triggering Condition: Trigger against nearby enemy heroes >> Trigger against attackers upon taking damage
  • Attack Speed Reduction: 70% >> 80%
Unique Passive – Lifebane (~)

Triggering Condition: Trigger against nearby enemy heroes >> Trigger against attackers upon taking damage

Black Ice Shield (~)

Unique Passive – Arctic Cold (~)
  • Triggering Condition: Trigger against nearby enemy heroes >> Trigger against attackers upon taking damage
  • Attack Speed Reduction: 85% >> 90%

Fleeting Time (~)

Developers want it to be an option for Physical and even Tank heroes, as it can also provide enough Cooldown Reduction for Tanks as well.

Equipment Attributes
  • +30 Adaptive Attack
  • +600 Max HP
  • +15% Cooldown Reduction

Winter Crown

Devs want it to be an option for Physical heroes.

Equipment Attributes
  • +60 Adaptive Attack
  • +400 Max HP
  • +5% Cooldown Reduction
New Builds

Sky Piercer, Winter Crown, Fleeting Time, Queen’s Wings

Blood Wings

Devs want it to better improve Mages’ durability at a lower price, making it available in early and mid-game.

Equipment Attributes

+90 Magic Power

Price (↑)

Price: 3000 >> 2100

Unique Passive – Guard

The passive gains an 800 +10%Magic Power shield that will regenerate 30 s after being damaged. The Shield also grants 30 Movement Speed while it lasts and 150 Movement Speed for 1s after it breaks.

Holy Crystal (↑)

We need new Mage equipment to provide lots of Magic Power after lowering the price of Blood Wings.

Attributes (↑)

Magic Power: 100 >> 185

Price (↓)

Price: 2100 >> 3000

Build Path (~)

Magic Wand needed: 2 >> 3

Ogre Tomahawk (~)

Devs removed the Passive and lowered the price to add it to more Build Paths.

Attributes (↓)

Physical Attack: 30 >> 25

Price (↑)

790 >> 650

Unique Passive – Angry is removed.

Endless Battle (~)

To match the adjustments made to Ogre Tomahawk, developers want heroes that use this as core equipment to build faster.

Attributes (↓)

Physical Attack: 65 >> 60

Price (↑)

2470 >> 2330

New Builds

War Axe (~)

Ogre Tomahawk is added to the Build Path.

Blade of the Heptaseas (~)

Ogre Tomahawk is added to the Build Path.

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