Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.08: All you need to know

Lots of hero adjustments

In this Mobile Legends Patch update 1.5.08 the developers offer us a huge game-changing experience including Hero balance, Items, Fps drop issue, New lobby system, etc. Without further ado let’s get into the details of this update.

Hero Balance adjustments

Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.08

The following heroes got adjusted in the recent Mobile Legends 1.5.08 Patch Update. Let’s take a closer look on the updated meta list.

1. Ruby (Adjusted)

She is a special type fighter/tank, who recently got buffed but still, high tier players don’t use her in meta, so now she has another set of buff to add to her skills in this update, and after that, she is really very useful in High tier lobby.

  • Skill 1– her  CD is now 4 seconds at all level(previously it was 6seconds)
  • She got increased mana regen, now you can spam her skills more and worry less about mana consumption.
  • Skill 2– AoE effect increased by 10% in order to stun enemies in a larger area.
  • Passive effect-Speed of her leaps and covered distance are optimized and the amount of defense (physical & magical) she gets from her passive is slightly decreased from 23-40 to 12-45. They also nerfed her pre-owned physical lifesteal from 125% to 115%

2. Uranus (Nerfed)

Uranus got no stuns in his skill set but still, has continued damage and Hp regen. He can even regen a decent amount of hp without any items(thanks to his passive)so throughout the game, it is very hard to kill this tank. However, Uranus is nerfed after this patch.

  • Skill 2 – The shield which generates from Skill 2 is decreased to 300-750(from 400-1000), this is a big nerf for him
  • Skill 3 – during ultimate shield and Hp regen increase was reduced to 30%/40%/50%(previously it was 50% at all levels)

Note: Now be careful during early-stage aggressiveness, but he is now more vulnerable to burst damage dealers.

3. Atlas (Nerfed)

In this meta atlas is the most picked tank, he got some annoying skills so enemies can’t prevent him. But now he also get nerfed

  • Skill 2– previously when atlas cast his skill 2 he will eject himself and any enemy caught by him will get free stun but now; Using ultimate in an ejected state no more stuns any enemy instead of that enemy units will slow down by 40%.
  • Remember your skill 2 free stun is gone even if you are in eject mode and not using ultimate at that time.

4. Popol and Kupa (Adjusted)

In high tier matches it’s very hard to counter this MM so Developers basically balanced him.

  • Skill 1 – damage slightly reduced to 200-290(from 240-330), Physical attack bonus also decreased to 60%(from 75%)
  • Kupa now inherits 1300+80% of Popol’s HP (previously it was 700+120%)
  • Skill 3 – Slow effect reduced to 20%(from 35%)
  • Skill 4 -during ultimate attack speed slightly increased to 30%-70%(from 30%-50%)

5. Yu Zhong (Nerfed)

From launch to before this patch this hero is literally hero OP, so he gets nerfed again. If you’re looking for a guide for Yu Zhong, check here.

  • His passive has now 2 seconds delay(previously it was 1second with full sha essence)
  • Passive movement speed increased to 45% (from 30%) [can be trigger only once]
  • Spell vamp decrease to 10%(from 20%)
  • Ultimate  damage decreased to 180-310(from 200-360)

6. Luo Yi (Nerfed)

This is the most banned or picked hero in all tiers, she actually needs some balance. To know how to play or her best build, check here.

  • Skill 2 base damage(1st damage) reduced to 200-280(from 250-350)
  • Skill 2 magic power bonus is now 40%(it was 50%)
  • Distance and reaction damage is reduced by 10%
  • Skill1 base damage is also reduced to 230-430(from 250-450)

7. Yi-Sun-shin (Nerfed)

After revamp yss’s passive melts enemies health and he become uncatchable in game so here we go again with another nerfed MM

  • Critical damage of the first enhanced attack is 70%-100%(from 85% – 100%)
  • Skill 1 damage reduction is completely removed and he is only immune to cc while using skill 1
  • Early game ultimate damage also decreased.

8. Ling (Nerfed)

  • Ultimate movement speed decreased to 10%(from 30%)
  • Ling will get slowed by 30% for 2 seconds when he getting crowd controlled on the wall.
  • 0.1 sec increased during casting Skill 2

9. Esmeralda (Adjusted)

  • Skill 1 shield increased to 400 – 750(from 350 – 700)
  •  The tricky part is that the shield she gets now it will be only of her half HP.

10. Helcurt (Adjusted)

  • Helcurt’s passive silence will only trigger when he crowd controlled by enemies, it will open lots of possibilities on the battlefield.
  • Basic attack speed increased to 1.16 (from 1.08)

11. Karina (Buffed)

  • Her passive increased to 13% (from 10%)
  • Ultimate’s cooldown reduced to 28/24/20 (from36/30/24)

12. Natalia (Adjusted)

  • Her critical damage is now easy to predict and it is decreased to 140%(from 200%)
  • She almost lost her silence but it’s not a big deal in the late game
  • Passive damage increased to 350 + 90% of total physical attack(from 270 + 80%)

13. Vale (Buffed)

  • Skill 1 with area increase, skill cooldown will be 5 seconds at all levels (use 40%CD items to make it 3 secs)
  • With skill 1 damage increased to affect the cd is 8.5s – 6s
  • Mana cost is reduced to 60-85 (from 75 – 100)
  • Skill 2 knock up duration decreased to 1.1sec but stop on hit damage is increased.

14. Kaja (Buffed)

  • Base hp of Kaja is increased to 2609 (from2459)
  • Skill 1 damage increased to 135-285 (previously it was 120-270)

15. Kimmy (Adjusted)

  • Damage output from Kimmy’s basic attack scales with her level 30%-41% total physical attack (instead of 35% at levels)

16. Martis (Buffed)

 After several nerfs this hero get buffed this time.

  • CD of Martis skill 1 is reduced 8-6seconds (from 10-7 sec) which is a huge buff for him.
  • Martis passive will trigger often for his skill 1 CD reduction.

17. Terizla (Buffed)

  • Skill 3 of Terizla adjusted the cooldown to 48 sec-36 sec(from 48-42 sec)
  • The slow effect increased by 10% on the enemy.

18. Claude (Buffed)

  • Skill 1 (attack and movement speed ) slightly increased to 2.5%-5%(it was 2%-4.5% )

19. Aldous (Adjusted)

  • Skill 1 of Aldous increased in damage to 130-330 (from 100-300), but wait for his passive stack reduced to 7 each.

20. Alpha (Buffed)

He is one of the forgotten hero in rank.

  • Basically they didn’t buff alpha they increase beta’s damage, from ultimate 360% total physical attack bonus(it was 270%)

21. Minsitthar (Buffed)

Minsi is weak in early game and he got less damage output

  • Skill 2 base damage is increased to 300-450 (from 230-455), while CD-8-6 sec(from 9-7sec) and mana cost- 50-75 (from 60-110) decreased.

22. Gatotkaca (Nerfed)

After the sudden revamp this hero is too op, so following nerfs in him

  • Skill1 of Gatot reduced slow effect to 30% (from 40%)
  • Passive (enhanced basic attack damage) slightly reduced

23. Harith (Buffed)

  • Harith’s passive crowd control effect duration now correctly varies with the no of total enemies.

Battlefield Adjustments

  • Focus on Fair Matchmaking
  • No more trio ally or enemy if you are playing as a solo.
  • Optimized graphic
  • Get more gold while eliminating the enemy

Items Adjustments

Glowing Wand

Glowing Wand

Its passive will now burn enemy overtime 2% (it was 2.5%)

Queen’s Wings

Queens Wings
  • Damage reduction is decreased to 40% (from 50%)
  • Physical lifesteal gain increased to 40% (from 30%)
  • New CD- 60 seconds
  • Will popup a mark whenever it’s ready

Are you excited about the latest Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.08? Let us know in the comment section below.

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