Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.40: All you need to know

Lots of in-game updates!

Mobile Legends Bang Bang, one of the most played Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre for Android and iOS. The developers are set to roll out a new patch update Mobile Legends in the Advanced Server 1.5.40  with the Original Server patch coming soon. Advanced Server is a test server available in Mobile Legends for Beta Testing of new features, characters, skin, or gameplay changes. There are a lot of adjustments made on the MLBB heroes and the battlefield. Let’s have a detailed look at it.

Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch Update 1.5.40

Hero Adjustments


As noticed by the developers, Argus faces difficulties while holding the sidelanes in the early game. Especially, till Level 4, in order to balance this instability, Argus is being adjusted. The energy regen speed is improved and the Ultimate’s damage is lowered.

Attributes (Buffed)

  • Base Physical Attack increased from 104 119

Passive (Adjusted)

  • Energy Regen speed significantly increased.
  • Physical Attack Bonus for each enhanced Basic Attack increased from 60% → 50%
  • Base HP Regen reduced from 60 50
  • Ultimate(Nerfed):
  • Physical Attack offered by the Ultimate reduced from 25-45 10-30


With his unique attack mechanism, Brody drew a lot of attention from the developers. The upcoming patch will reduce the crit damage from the single attacks in the late game along with nerfing on the basic attack in the early game. 

Basic Attack (Adjusted)

  • Damage: 200% of Physical Attack + 130% of Physical Attack + 30( Scaling damage will not increase Crit Damage)


Paquito’s combos can bring any hero to low hp. The patch will focus on his 2nd skill and will reduce the damage along with the cooldown. Also, take a look at a detailed skill analysis here.

Basic Attack (Buffed)

  • Damage of each Basic Attack increased from 80% → 90% of Physical Attack

Skill 1 (Buffed)

  • Cooldown reduced from 10-8s → 8-6s

Skill 2 (Buffed)

  • Base Damage reduced from 300-750250-600
  • Enhanced Base Damage reduced from 510-1275 400-960
  • Cooldown reduced from 7-4.5s → 6-4.5s


The deadly marksman, who was out of Meta for quite a long time is receiving a buff along with a revamped Ultimate.

Passive (Buffed)

  • Penetration Damage of Basic Attack increased from 0.54-1.10.68-1.1
  • Penetration Damage after Abyss Walker is cast increased from 0.64-1.20.78-1.2

Ultimate (Revamped)

  • Moskov throws out the Spear of Destruction after powering up shortly, dealing Physical Damage to enemies along a straight line. The spear disappears when hitting an enemy hero, dealing higher Physical Damage to enemies behind them.

Other Adjustments

  • Lolita– Flicker bug is fixed and is now available for use while Lolita charges her ultimate.
  • Badang– Screen vibration issue is fixed for the heroes knocked back by 1st Skill.
  • Kimmy– Direction change while using the basic attacks is now fixed.
  • Layla– The CD of 2nd skill will not reset while the Ultimate is unlocked.
  • Moskov– He can now use his 2nd Skill on Lord
  • Nana– Fixed the issue that caused the abnormal damage of Nana’s Skill 1 to the first target hit
  • Arrival– The battle spell will now have increased movement speed upon use.
  • Flicker– Fixed the issue where heroes moved abnormally after using it.

Are you excited about the latest Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.40? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Chou guide will arrive soon.


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