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New ‘Meltdown’ map in Call of Duty Mobile is being tested

Recent Call of Duty Mobile leaks suggests that a new map called Meltdown in Call of Duty Mobile is being tested. The leak videos show that the new map will probably be available in the Domination game mode of Call of Duty Mobile.

About Meltdown map

Meltdown map in Call of Duty Mobile, new map in cod mobile
Meltdown map in Call of Duty Mobile

The first appearance of Meltdown was in Call of Duty Black Ops II. Situated in Pakistan, it is a massive Nuclear Plant. The map has five main sections. Among them, the first two are the reactor chimneys. Third and fourth are the two-story reactor controls, and the cooling fluid disposal area. The map is generally considered as medium-range battles.

The videos that are available on this map shows that the gameplay is on Call of Duty Mobile Garena version. So it is tough for us to infer more from the video. But as we know that both the global version and the Garena version of Call of Duty rolls together, we can definitely hope that Meltdown will surely be arriving in the global version too.

new map in Call of Duty Mobile, meltdown map in call of duty mobile
Domination in Meltdown map of Call of Duty Mobile

The above photo shows 3 points for the domination mode. But it seems like the map is a bit smaller than the original map from Call of Duty Mobile Black Ops II.

When Meltdown will arrive in Call of Duty Mobile?

There is no official announcement about the map yet. We only got the leaks for now. So, there is no information about the release date of Meltdown in Call of Duty Mobile. But we can hope that Meltdown may come to Call of Duty Mobile in the upcoming seasons. There are already some leaks about Call of Duty Mobile Season 2, if you still do not know about them, you can read about it here.

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