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New State: Mobile July 2022 Update (0.9.35) Patch Notes

Minor update in New State!

New State: Mobile, the futuristic battle-royale game from Krafton has started bringing major updates in the game. In the previous update, the game had introduced improvements to weapons and some BR updates with Clan Mileage. With the onset of the newest, July 2022 update in New State Mobile, the new Deathmatch map in the form of Exhibit Hall, a brand-new weapon named MP-155 Ultima, and more.

New State Mobile July 2022 Update: New Updates

Exhibit Hall: New map in Team Deathmatch mode

New State Mobile July 2022 Update
Image via Krafton

Exhibit Hall has been added as a new map for Team Deathmatch. This new map has been created from Trois Exhibit Hall, which has been modified in the format of Team Deathmatch. Unlike the Station, respawns will occur in 1 of 10 random locations around the Exhibit Hall. Respawning is random by default, although, certain conditions will trigger a strategic respawn to induce more action. Players must adapt to different respawn locations to end up as winners.

MP-155 Ultima: New Weapon

The new 12-gauge shotgun, MP-155 Ultima, has been added to the game. With high burst damage in the store, MP-155 Ultima can give players a noticeable advantage in close-range combat. Players can equip various attachments using the scope, muzzle and stock slot.

New State Mobile July 2022 Update
Image via Krafton

The C1 attachment for MP-155 Ultima adds a Full-Auto Trigger. This unlocks the weapon’s full-auto capability, in exchange for decreased vertical recoil control.

Weapon Attachment Updates

  • The C2 attachment has been added for SKS, which adds to an enhanced suppressor. It increases its damage and adds the noise suppression effect. However, its recoil control will decrease and additionally, its muzzle slot will no longer be usable.
  • There are some balance changes introduced to the Grenade Launcher. Grenades will now fire with greater speed and accuracy. When attaching the grenade launcher, the regular fire will be more reliable than before, which owes itself to better recoil control.
  • The grenade launcher’s lineup has been expanded to include the AKM. However, the gun must first be customized to unlock the grip slot, before the AKM could use the launcher.
  • Deviation control for all SMGs in standing and shoulder fire has been slightly decreased.

Troi: Extreme (Rework)

The Troi: Extreme has been subject to a number of changes. These are the complete details of the map changes:

New State Mobile July 2022 Update
Image via Krafton
  • When a match begins on this map, the starting crates will resemble those seen in Erangel (Extreme).
  • The General circle speed is now faster on the map, with earlier circles seeing the biggest change. The total playtime of a match has been reduced by approximately two minutes.
  • Among the Starting items, changes have been made to include a Skorpion with 20 rounds, in addition to 30 extra bullets. Among the other items, a Level 1 helmet and vest, a first aid kit, 4 bandages with one painkiller, and two energy drinks are also included. Along with it, a smoke grenade and 500 drone credits round out the set.
  • Tossing a molotov cocktail on grass will now burn the grass field. This effect also applies to other forms of vegetation.

New State Mobile July 2022 Update: Graphics Improvements, In-game, Out-game Updates and more

Graphics Improvements

  • The notification text when equipping Lv. 3 gear in Deathmatch has changed.
  • The automatic reduction of Frame Rate in unstable conditions will no longer take effect. Graphics settings will be lowered to compensate for the said scenarios.
  • High-resolution textures can be downloaded in-game as DLC.
  • After downloading, players must go over to the graphics settings to enable them. They must note that devices with lower specifications will be unable to make these settings.

Game Updates

  • New State with its Battle Royale Season 4 has begun with the onset of the July 2022 Update.
  • Player tiers will be reset, based on their final tier from Season 3.
  • Players should check out all the unique tier rewards available in Season 4.
  • Career Result will now show the numerical rank for those in Conqueror.
  • Tickets held for expired crates will no longer be converted to chicken medals, but will instead remain in the inventory.
  • The developers have fixed an issue where certain in-game settings would reset when changing between different game modes.
  • Voice packs for Spanish (Mexico) and Portuguese (Brazil) have been added.
  • Survivor Pass Vol. 9 features Honey Becca from the New State faction. Story missions can be completed to obtain Honey Becca’s outfit and appearance.

That’s all for the New State Mobile July 2022 Update.

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