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New State: Mobile July 2023 Update brings Weekly League, weapon changes and more

New update in the game!

The developers at Krafton have announced a new July 2023 Patch Update for New State Mobile involving a new Weekly League for the players, gun customization changes, and more. Along with some exciting competition between players, there are some map/mode updates, gameplay changes, and more happening in New State Mobile. Let us break down these changes in the current patch update.

New State Mobile July 2023 Update: Weekly League

Developers have added a new Weekly League, where players can compete with other survivors every weekend. The league will be held for two hours every weekend before the Ace League opens in-game.

New State Mobile July 2023 Update Weekly League
Image via Krafton
  • To participate in the league, the tier score must be over 2000. This means players must have reached Gold V in any mode, regardless of TPP or FPP, Solo or Squad. The league will be held in TPP Squad mode.
  • The applicable Battle Royale maps will change every day. Akinta and Lagna will be available on Saturday, while Troi and Erangel will be available on Sunday
  • The league-exclusive balance will be the same as in the Ace League, and only survivors will participate in the game.
  • In Weekly League, they can earn doubled tier score. Players will also be awarded Prestige coins, Chicken Medals, and BP based on their rank.
  • There’s no limit to the number of times on how many one can join the league, and the reward may be duplicated even if they join multiple games.

New State Mobile July 2023 Update: Gunplay, Map changes, and more

Gunplay changes

Laser Foregrip (UMP45): The second customization of the UMP45, Laser Foregrip will be added. When equipped, the exclusive laser foregrip will be placed in the muzzle slot and cannot be replaced. It increases vertical recoil control as well as Deviation Control for hip fire and shoulder mode. However, it also decreases the ADS speed. They can equip the laser foregrip now and overwhelm the enemies quickly with hip fire or shoulder mode.

Map/Mode Updates

  • The second season of Bounty Royale brings a grenade launcher has been added. They can select it in the foregrip slot when players select accessories in the equipment selection screen of the lobby. If players choose a grenade launcher, they will start with three grenades. One can remember that they will get new rounds. whenever players are redeployed.
  • A Golden Flare Gun has been added to the season, which will be spawned in buildings. Players can call a special care package by launching it. When they unlock the box, they will immediately receive 2000 data.
  • With the analysis of the first season’s data, developers have decided to adjust the balance for a better game-playing experience as follows.
  • The downsizing time of the safe zone in the first phase has been extended from 2 minutes to 3 minutes. Normal care packages will now spawn in the latter half of the second phase, instead of the third phase. Players can take advantage of care packages to overcome the second phase.
  • The cost of MG5, M249, and MP-155 will be decreased from 24 points to 22 points.
  • The tier score deducted by each tier to join Bounty Royale has been adjusted. For the Pro tier, the score has been increased from 600 to 800 data. For the Legend tier, the score has been increased from 800 to 1000 data.

Arena Ka-Boom Mode

Image via Krafton
  • The renewed Arena Ka-Boommode is back!
  • The damage of the Red Zone Launcher has been decreased. Players can find it in the care package at the center of the map. Some destructible terrain will be added around the map. Players can destroy it with a single round of grenades. They will destroy the terrain and let your enemies fall down!
  • Some indestructible terrain will be arranged around the starting point to make it easier to maneuver. Players can now earn more rewards after playing Arena Ka-Boom mode. From now on, the first team to win three rounds will be the overall winner of the Dead Rock. Players can hold back any winning opponents in order to secure victory with strategies.

Gameplay Updates

Small gameplay updates are taking place in the game.

  • The sound features will be improved.
  • Footstep sounds within 40 to 50 meters will be slightly improved.
  • Landing sounds can now be heard when jumping in place or landing from a higher place.
  • When a character runs for over 2 seconds and then stops, a halt step sound will be played.
  • One can hear the improved sounds when you hit a target with the following SR guns.
    If you don’t like opening doors automatically, here’s a new on/off function for you.
    Players can turn on or off the ‘Auto door open’ function under the ‘Controls’ tab in the Settings

New State Mobile July 2023 Update: More updates

Outgame Updates

  • The 10th season of Battle Royale where players will receive a reward with a summary of the previous season. The Bounty Royale tier will also be reset based on the last season’s last tier. The reward will be sent to you via mail.
  • Upgraded sound will be added to the legendary guns. They can now hear the special sounds of fire, grip, and reloading for different legendary guns
  • Please note that these sounds are only for you to hear and will not affect the gameplay of other players.

Survivor Pass Vol.21

The lead character in Survivor Pass Vol. 21 is ‘Wild Skinner’ from Mayhem. Players can get the character for free by reaching a certain pass level. They can get ‘Wild Skinner’s costume set by upgrading to Premium Pass, and many more rewards will be given upon purchasing Premium Plus. Upgrade it to Legacy Pass will meet them with the ‘Master Owl Set’ once again. All NC consumed will be refunded once you purchase Premium Pass and achieve a certain pass level.

New events

Summer is coming to New State! In the renewed lobby, developers have set up fabulous events and rewards! Players can enjoy the summer festival of New State, just for our survivors.

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