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New State Mobile: New RDM map Underbridge is added to the game

New map incoming!!

In the latest update and patch, developers at Krafton have added the newest map in the new game. The map, which has been named Underbridge, will be playable exclusively in the unique RDM mode of New State Mobile. It can consist of a maximum of 8 players at any given time.

New State Mobile: RDM Round Deathmatch

RDM or Round Deathmatch is one of the modes, which are unique to New State Mobile. It has been added in the patch update before the current one. It is like a regular TDM match with certain quirks to it. The 8 players are divided into two teams consisting of 4 each and will fight it out in an environment that emulates a classic battle royale match. The players are liable to get knocked, revived, and are able to use healing items as well. Killing all 4 members of a squad will result in 1 round win. The first squad to reach 4 round wins is the winner.

Introducing Underbridge, the new RDM map in New State Mobile

New State Mobile RDM map Underbridge
Image via Krafton

This brand-new map is set in a battle royale type of terrain under a suspension bridge, with the area looking like a large arena in a deep pit. There is a lot of solid cover in the form of rocks and ridges and terrain with varying heights. Players will spawn with their preset TDM/RDM loadout complete with attachments, healing items and throwables. This mode and the map itself are a great addition for those players, who are looking to get better in the classic battle royale mode, as this offers a proper training opportunity with an environment identical to that of the classic mode.


After its rather disappointing launch response, the developers of New State Mobile have been working to improve the game in every way, resulting in the game being much more balanced and enjoyable now. The additions like RDM and new weapons are another step to make the game appealing for all players, who are looking for a deep battle royale experience, making the game mainstream.

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