Niantic aims to bring people together again with the changes in its games

Exciting modes and In-person events will get priority

As augmented reality games are the primary products developed by Niantic, they experienced significant setbacks because of the COVID-19  attack throughout the world for the last two years. They took several steps to keep players engaged in their games by different approaches. But now, Niantic CEO John Hanke confirms to bring recent changes that will include gameplay adjustments, in-game events, and in-person activities aiming to bring people together again.

Games like Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Ingress will get several updates and changes, bringing new modes and events. Players have to go outside to enjoy additional features. The primary reason behind this is because countries are opening up their institutions and people are getting back to normal activities as vaccines are introduced to fight the COVID-19 virus.

Niantic is looking to ensure the safety of its players without hampering their in-game experiences and they are likely to increase as Niantic CEO claims. “Very excited about the next chapter for Nianticlabs. What it will look like to get back out there with our communities again. Connecting safely in person means a world of opportunities will be open again” in a tweet John Hanke says.

Exciting chapter to start soon

Niantic claims its new journey is going to be an “Exciting Chapter” as it is finally trying to bring people together again in the actual worlds.  In another post from 24th May on their blog said “to keep those we love safe, we had to reimagine what that looked like in our games and our events”.

The company also claimed that it won’t be the same as seeing friends and family in person at a Community Day or First Saturday. Niantic thanked their player for the amazing experience in Yokohama Pokémon Go Fest  and said, “We never imagined Central Park being swarmed by enthusiastic Trainers – all sharing the same experience together.” Niantic is ready to face any bumps on its road and trepidation to bring back the joys of seeing friends in person for a successful Raid or playful battle.

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