OGame Mobile starts a closed beta test ahead of the upcoming Lifeform update

Lifeforms introduces four species that will unlock countless new strategies for players both new and old

Gameforge is asking players to take part in a closed beta test for OGame mobile, a popular space strategy MMO that will be released later this year for Android and iOS devices. On the fly, players will be able to test out the most crucial game features including research, development, and defense. The development team wants to offer a final version that players will like, therefore everyone is welcome to submit their thoughts and observations throughout the beta.

There is a daily restriction on the number of downloads. Players can try again later if they are unable to join now. Over the following several days, Gameforge will continue to increase the number of beta spots available so that everyone who participates has the greatest possible gaming experience.

OGame mobile closed beta test will be followed by the Lifeform update

Lifeforms, OGame’s most recent and best upgrade, will be available on English servers in June. The huge Lifeforms addition adds four new species to the OGame universe: Humans, Rock’tal, Mechas, and Kaelesh, which players may utilize to build their vast galactic empires.

When it comes to resource management, production, and exploration, each has its own set of pros and drawbacks. Building a diversified civilization and combining the powers of numerous Lifeforms will open up a plethora of new methods for players to use on their quest to conquer the cosmos. Key Features of the Lifeforms Update include:

  • 48 New Buildings — 12 per Lifeform: Players will start with the ability to be a small selection of buildings, but as new species are found and researched, more will become available.
  • 72 New Species Technologies — 18 per Lifeform: As players progress through the new content, they will unlock the lifeform-specific tech trees, which can be filled out to further combat, exploration, production abilities, and more, and influenced to branch in any number of ways based on the different species they discover.
  • 2 New Resources: New resources, lifeforms, and food must be balanced carefully. Players must grow lifeforms to unlock species-specific technologies on their planet, but in order to keep the lifeforms on their planets thriving, players need to manage food production. If lifeforms consume too much food, too quickly, they will eventually starve and begin to die out. Unlike food, lifeforms cannot be transported or stolen but can be destroyed when a planet is successfully attacked.

Later this year, OGame will be accessible for Android mobile devices via Google Play and iOS mobile devices via the Apple Store, and iOS players can join the beta now from here.

Are you excited about the OGame closed beta test and the upcoming Lifeforms update? Let us know in the comments below!

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