Pokemon GO’s GO Beyond update: Everything you need to know

Ready to GO Beyond your levels?

This week on Monday, November 30th, Pokemon GO will be releasing their big GO Beyond update. In this update, the team at Niantic will make big changes to how players can level up and interact with the game. One of the new big interactions will be an implementation of “Seasons”, which will be a new way of releasing in-game events for players. On top of that, Pokemon from Gen VI which encompasses Pokemon X and Y will be released into Pokemon GO with this new update.

Pokemon GO: GO Beyond update features

Go Beyond your level: Increased Level Cap!

Pokemon GO has been released for 4 years now and since then they haven’t changed how users level up. That is until now, Niantic has disclosed many new features that they will be adding to make leveling up in Pokemon GO more accessible.

For starters, once the event drops on November 30th all users will gain more XP from catching and evolving Pokemon, hatching eggs, new Pokedex entries, and all other instances of regular exp gain. They have noted that the XP bonus isn’t small and that in some cases they can even be as much as 2x the XP gain from before.

They have made it easier to get to level 40 as level 40 is where a new system is involved. The devs have included a challenge system for you to level up to 50 and these challenges will truly test your mettle as a Pokemon trainer.

The devs have also listed that there will be updates regarding Pokemon encounters, capturing said Pokemon, Adventure Sync, Buddy Adventure, Field Research, Gifts, and even more to come. This information isn’t here yet, but it will be provided once the update is live. Once the update is live you can be sure to see this information here on this article!

Go Beyond Events with Seasons!

As our real-world rotates through seasons, summer, autumn, winter, and, spring Pokemon Go will now change as well. Every three months users can expect to see Pokemon Go change into a new season with each one bringing changes to the game world.

  • Different Pokemon will appear in the wild and they will rotate with the seasons. This allows for a more dynamic experience for users catching Pokemon.
  • Based on the user’s location in the world different Pokemon will appear in different seasons. This rotation of Pokemon may allow users who were unable to catch certain Pokemon before to be able to encounter them during certain seasons.
  • In-game events are now going to be based on the seasons they occur in, so look forward to that with the upcoming events.
  • Pokemon with variants based on seasons such as Deerling will have its form changed depending on when it’s encountered.
  • Seasons have more features listed here and users can look forward to them.

Go Beyond Unova with the Introduction of Kalos!

Pokemon GO has added Pokemon from many different regions since it launched, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Alola, and Galar. Now on Dec 2nd, they will be adding in the region from Gen VI Kalos. Pokemon such as Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie along with their evolutions will be coming in this new update.

The list of included Pokemon given to us states:

  • Chespin
  • Quilladin
  • Chesnaught
  • Fennekin
  • Braixen
  • Delphox
  • Froakie
  • Frogadier
  • Greninja
  • Bunnelby
  • Diggersby
  • Fletchling
  • Fletchinder
  • Talonflame
  • Litleo
  • Pyroar
  • Klefki (Please note that Klefki will be appearing only in France).

There will also be an event from Dec 2nd to December 8th where Pokemon from Kalos will be appearing more frequently. Players can use that time to get out there and capture some of these Kalos pokemon for their Pokedex.

Pokemon GO still has events running right now such as the 12 Days of Friendship Event which ends on the 30th. Get out there and GO catch some Pokemon!

Are you excited for the new GO Beyond update in Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments section below!

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