Pokémon Go: Players impacted by Mewtwo Shadow Raid issues will be compensated

Developers providing extra Rare Candy XL to compensate players by the end of this week!

Pokémon Go has recently introduced a new form of raid known as Shadow Raids. This new type of raid was introduced in May 2023 and had a weeklong event during which players could fight against Shadow Mewtwo and gain rewards along with the chances of even catching it. But various bugs and glitches stopped the players from receiving the rewards they earned even after completing the raid successfully. Now Niantic has revealed that they are going to issue compensation for the players who have been affected by the Mewtwo Shadow Raid glitch in Pokémon Go.

The official Niantic Support account on Twitter revealed their plans

Raids are an integral part of Pokémon Go and Shadow Raids provided a whole new way for the players to catch legendary Pokémons other than battling the Team Go Rocket leader Giovanni. During the last week of May, the Shadow Raid event went on during which players has to defeat Shadow Mewtwo. If players were successful in defeating it, they were supposed to get a chance of capturing Mewtwo in a Poke Ball if they were lucky along with a Shiny variant of Mewtwo also appearing in Shadow Raid Battles.

Players were also supposed to get additional Rare Candy XL rewards but several bugs made their efforts go in vain. But the official Twitter handle of Niantic Support addressed the issue and gave a statement that players will earn 10, 20, or 3 Rare Candy XL by the end of this week which will be based on how many Mewtwo Shadow Raids the player has completed.

Shadow Raids to have the same chances of getting Rare Candy XL as rewards as normal raids in the future

Niantic has further revealed that they have taken the measure of giving the same chances of getting Rare Candy XL as a reward in Shadow Raids as much as normal raids to avoid the problems revolving around Rare Candy XL drops in the future. Players are supposed to earn Rare Candy XL drops as rewards as it is intended for the next Shadow Raid event in June which will feature Shadow Articuno.

Pokémon Go Mewtwo Shadow Raid compensation
Image via Niantic

Rare Candy XL is one of the most useful items that players can earn in Pokémon Go and players now have a chance of earning more Rare Candy XL by trying out their luck in Shadow Raids. The next Shadow Raid will revolve around Shadow Articuno and players will be able to fight him every weekend in June 2023.

What are your thoughts as Pokémon Go announces to issue compensation for Mewtwo Shadow Raid issue? Let us know in the comments below!

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