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PUBG Mobile 1.2 version (BETA): How to register and complete patch notes

Beta version 1.2 arriving soon!

PUBG Mobile is all set to come up with another new update, the 1.2 beta version. The beta version APK is set to release by next week. The registration for PUBG Mobile 1.2 beta version is currently underway. Beta version allows the users to get a first-hand experience about the updates that are about to come in-game. But unfortunately, this test will be only available for players in South Asia and North America for now. According to the official PUBG Mobile 1.2 beta patch notes, the game is about to bring several new features and new modes which includes the Extreme Hunt mode and Matrix event.

Features of the PUBG Mobile 1.2 beta version

Extreme Hunt Mode

A new high-tech Powered Exoskeleton has been created on Erangel and Livik. Players can create the Powered Exoskeleton by bringing Nano Crystals and an Exoskeleton Blueprint to the Matrix Base. Players will also have 2 additional chances to respawn themselves, or their teammates, during a match. Several matrix events are also available for the players to participate in.

PUBG Mobile 1.2 patch notes

Here are the features of this mode:


All players can respawn twice. Players are going to respawn with basic, essential items. Teammates can only be respawned at research stations.

Powered Exoskeleton

  • Exoskeleton Chest: Increases chest damage reduction. Also increases backpack capacity.
  • Exoskeleton Arms: Increases arm damage reduction and melee damage.
  • Exoskeleton Legs: Increases leg damage reduction, decreases fall damage, gives the ability to sprint.

Also, assembling the full exoskeleton set will unlock its ultimate weapon, which is the Dragon’s Breath Grenade.

PUBG Mobile 1.2 patch notes

Matrix Event

PUBG Mobile 1.2 patch notes matrix event
  • Matrix Event 1: Improved regional supply output.
  • Matrix Event 2: Multiple Matrix Airdrops, significantly increases airdrops
  • Matrix Event 3: Life Detectors in research stations are activated. You can use them to detect surrounding players.
PUBG Mobile 1.2 patch notes

How to register and download the PUBG Mobile 1.2 beta version

  1. Open the event section in the global version and search for “Test server”.
  2. Generate your exclusive link code by tapping on “Generate binding code” and copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Download the test version from here.
  4. Install and start the app and enter your exclusive link code after you have logged in via guest account option from login screen.

If your application gets selected for Beta Testing, you will receive an email shortly.

Guidelines for PUBG Mobile beta testers

Should you encounter any kinds of bugs or technical issues in the game, please report them directly in-game by clicking the Report button located at top-right during matches, or by clicking the ^ button located in the bottom-right corner of the main menu and selecting Report. Alternatively, in case the report failed or if you have any kind of additional information, such as screenshot(s) and/or video(s), please contact customer service via the game settings. Refer to subpoint 6.2 in #faq for further instructions. Visual content can be uploaded to online hosting services, such as Imgur and YouTube, and sent as links.

Your official server account will be penalized for any violations and cheats made in the test server. All these new features and modes will definitely make this game a lot more exciting and addicting. All we need is to wait for the official release date of the PUBG Mobile 1.2 version!

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