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PUBG Mobile Aftermath Mode is returning with revamped features and upgrades

PUBG Mobile, one of the world’s biggest mobile games, has announced a total overhaul of a fan-favourite mode with the Official Aftermath Mode, packed with an assortment of new features and upgrades.

Get ready for a new and improved Aftermath in PUBG Mobile

This update to the classic mode adds an armour upgrade that adds a vest with armour slots as well as the special ability to upgrade weaponry from brand-new upgrade crates. Players can now take advantage of a system enhancement that makes Health heal quickly after taking significant damage and keeps Energy from depleting over time.

To restore health and energy while moving, first aid kits and energy drinks have been added, and healing is no longer capped when using them. Additionally, wall-mounted medicine cabinets can be located to give players access to more healing choices.

The Aftermath map was included in PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update before being later removed. Only the unranked mode could use the map at the time. It is anticipated that it will also be present in ranked mode. The map has some distinctive features, as usual, which add to its appeal. It is also Livik reimagined. This mode map is traditional.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 version update
PUBG Mobile Aftermath mode is coming back (Image via KRAFTON)

Eight new bunkers, four heavily guarded guard posts that are stocked with supplies, treasure maps to follow to hidden crates, and randomly spawning Semi-trucks are all included in Aftermath. However, be careful because players who use Recall Towers now broadcast their locations to other players, so serious defence will be required! The Official Aftermath Mode gives players more ways than ever before to win the mode by greatly expanding the strategy and depth of gameplay.

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