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PUBG Mobile introduces a new Panda companion in the game

Jump into the Battleground with the new Panda companion!

Companions are perhaps one of the most character-defining features of a player’s wardrobe in PUBG Mobile. It not only sets them apart from other players by virtue of a companion but also follows them everywhere, be it in battles or travelling around the map. PUBG Mobile, in its latest 2.4 update has decided to add another companion, in the form of a Panda, to its already multiple-name-long list of the same.

PUBG Mobile Panda companion: All you need to know

PUBG Mobile and its focus on adding companions as a cosmetic aspect of the game is not new to anyone, who has been following the game or has been playing it for enough time. In the past, we have gotten several unique companions such as King Kong, Godzilla, the classic bird on the shoulder, the Arctic Wolf, etc. The Panda companion is just the newest item, which will be added to this already-loaded list.

The Panda companion is of mythic and legendary rarity and like all other companions, it is also devoid of any features, which will or might give the player an advantage over other players, who will equip this companion. The Panda companion draw comes with a set of Pandas and getting one is entirely dependent on the luck of the said player.

There are a total of three Panda companions, with one being legendary, while the other two enjoy a mythical status. Each draw costs 60 UC and if a player draws 10 times, they will get a 60 UC discount and will be able to redeem 10 draws at the cost of 9, that is, 540 UC. But there is no certainty of getting a Panda for yourself, as the Lucky Draw cannot be influenced by any factors other than said luck itself.

Final Thoughts

PUBG Mobile is cutting no slack, as it seems, when it comes to adding visually pleasing and unique elements to the game, as is evident from the recent influx of cosmetic additions rather than technical developments in the game. But, at the end of the day, it depends on the player base as to what they want and it is the duty of the developers to listen to and deliver their demands.

Did you manage to get the Panda companion in PUBG Mobile? Are you trying to get it? Let us know in the comments below!

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