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PUBG Mobile confirms Metro Royale Mode is being removed temporarily

Changes are being made to the game with the upcoming 1.4 version update

PUBG Mobile recently announced that the exclusive and one of the most entertaining mode, the Metro Royale mode is being removed temporarily. They stated that the Metro Royale mode will get further developments and improvements. This mode will make a comeback in late 2021. This mode will return with more elements and contents which will make this mode more interesting and entertaining. PUBG Mobile corporation has also created a special feedback thread on Reddit for everyone who loves and plays Metro Royale. Players and users can share their creativity and ideas about this game mode with them.

Image Breakdown

PUBG Mobile has also shared a mysterious poster on their Twitter where we can see some potential contents which will come in the version 1.4 update. The update will come soon. From this picture, we can assume the contents coming in the update and those contents are discussed below-

This picture revealed that a new Team Deathmatch map will be coming to the game, as well as an update to the Vikendi map, where we can expect big changes in the mechanics, some proposed changes to the Metro Royale game mode and what appears to be a strange portal device that change the size of any player and will turn them into a bee who steps through it.

Top features coming in version 1.4 update

From various sources and leaks, we got some information about the upcoming PUBG Mobile version 1.4 update. The top features of these updates are discussed here:

Shoulder View

A brand new perspective is coming in the TPP mode of the game which is the shoulder view. Players will be able to change the perspective of their character. When they enable the shoulder view, the character will shift its position to the left side of the screen and will give players a new perspective like the PUBG PC. This will surely make the gameplay more entertaining.

Godzilla vs Kong theme

As we all know PUBG Mobile has collaborated with Godzilla vs Kong movie so it is quite obvious that the 1.4 updates and the whole season 19 will be based on this film. Players will get a new loading screen, lobbies, game mode and many more.

New Companions

New companions based on Godzilla vs Kong movie are coming to the game. Players will get the chance to acquire either a mini Godzilla or a mini King Kong as their battlefield companions. These companions will come with their exclusive features like roars, abilities, etc.

New game modes

New game modes are coming as a part of the new updates. In those modes, players will be able to play as a bee equipped with miniature rocket launchers. Players will explore new laboratories and unveil their dark secrets. They will travel via quantum devices and many many more.

What are your thoughts on Metro Royale mode being removed temporarily from PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments section below.

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It totally sucks that they removed metro royale personally I will be shunning PUBG until the return of metro royale!

Chad (Spartán006)

I enjoyed classic mode for awhile until the release of metro royale, then from that point on, ALL I ever played was metro. I averaged 15 friends online at all times all playing metro, and since it’s been taken down I average 2-3 friends online… I don’t even really enjoy classic mode anymore. Ive been waiting for 1.5 version to release with the hopes that it was bringing metro back and then it was a major let down when I didnt see metro back online. YALL REALLY NEED TO PUT METRO BACK UP. Even if you’re still working on improving… Read more »

Jonathan Stobiecki

Ever since they took out Metro Royale i installed PUBG Mobile. It’s not fair, that they took something Good from Us and not bringing it back with improvement. Needs more maps. As long It’s not back i won’t play PUBG Mobile anymore. And i guess it’s the same of the most people who are fans of Metro Royale.


I think they have the stats and if the mode got good engagement, they’ll probably bring it back.

Skyler Lempka

I believe and know that metro royal is the only thing me and most of my friends play on pubg mobile and everytime they remove it we stop playing it’s the only game I play on my phone and idk what to do with it gone cuz pubg mobile isn’t fun anymore without metro royale please bring it back for good


Put metro back ppl need it

Dustin Bredow

Im just saying that when yall took down metro it stop all my friends from playing and soon or later everyone is goiny to stop play pubg because metro made it more interesting


I literally stopped playing PUBG when metro was gone, please put metro back.

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