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PUBG Mobile Server Authentication Error: How to Solve the problem

PUBG Mobile, the massively popular battle royale game which is dominating the charts in the Play Store and App store since its launch.
In order to provide a better game experience, they need to maintain dedicated servers for each region and provide necessary updates and they are absolutely doing their best. Handling such a huge player base sometime creates minor bugs and glitches. Recently there’s been one login server authentication error that is leaving the PUBG Mobile players scratch their head as they are unable to login, prompting the login failed message.

What is this Server Authentication error in PUBG Mobile?

The bug received multiple reports from the players and has finally caught the attention of the developers and they have made an announcement on their official twitter handle. Therefore the players need not be worried as PUBG Mobile already acknowledged the ongoing technical issue and has provided solutions to the problem.


While logging in to the game via Facebook, the players receive an error “ Server Authentication Failed ”. The same error also appears in PUBG Mobile Lite. The reason behind this error is unknown yet, as there is no official statement from the devs. But they are actively working with the related platform to wipe out the error.

How to fix the login error?

The debugging is the main priority now for the devs as the majority of the players log in with Facebook. Numerous YouTube videos have been made regarding the bug and how to solve them, but it is always better to wait for the official solution from developers.

PUBG Mobile Server Authentication Error

The developers consistently release patch updates and packages for minor bug fixes. But with such a vast user base bugs and glitches is a sure thing. At this point, the players won’t be able to login to the game and make any changes to their account. Both for PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite with Facebook Account. As of now, the login issue has been solved by the developers and there are no more problems reported.

The accounts which are bound to platforms other than Facebook can easily access the game. Players who have logged in using Facebook, its advisable not to make any changes or even log out which may cause loss of data or face this similar error.

What are your opinions on the PUBG Mobile Server Authentication Error? Are you having any problems logging in currently? Do let us know in the comments!

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