Rebel Riders: King’s latest PvP title has soft-launched on Android and iOS in select regions

Join a secret underground battle club for toys!

Renowned developer King has recently announced their new PvP action game Rebel Riders in a YouTube video. The game shows how a group of misfit toys set up a secret underground battle club in the streets of New York after being fed up with being mistreated by their owners. Rebel Riders has been soft-launched on Android and iOS in selected regions.

Experience a high-octane battle royale of toys in Rebel Riders

The game characters will engage in high-octane vehicular battles among themselves for a second chance to prove their worth by destroying each other. The riders will come from every toy store shelf, starting from action figures to cereal boxes and many more.

The riders will take their sweet rides for this battle on jeeps, tanks, or even a mechanical spider, with one common appetite for destruction. Players will have the ability to upgrade and customize their characters according to their liking. 

Players will play the game in a 3v3 mode where they will battle among themselves in different game modes like Team Death Match, Stash the Cash, and Bomb the Bass. The developers gave good news for battle royale lovers as well. A 10-player battle royale mode will also be available in the game called Battle Toyale.  

Players from the specified regions can join the fun ride now

The game is soft-launched on Android in Germany, Indonesia, and Malaysia. For players on iOS, the game is currently only soft-launched in Canada and is available in the App Store. Anyone not able to get in on the soft launch can sign up at the official website.

Are you excited as King soft-launched Rebel Riders on Android and iOS in selected regions? Let us know in the comments below!

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