Riot unveils exciting 2021 roadmap for Legends of Runeterra (LOR)

Lot of secrets to uncover throughout 2021

As a part of the 2021 Opening Day live stream, Riot Games unveiled its plans for Legends of Runeterra in 2021. The LoR team has plenty in store for its players, including new champions, a brand new region, and even a co-op Lab! In this article, we will be taking a detailed look at the Legends of Runeterra 2021 roadmap.

First Co-op Lab: United Frost

In the month of January arrives the first Co-op lab in the game – United Frost. Here you will take on the invading forces of Noxus, led by Swain, Darius, or Draven. You can either bring a friend along or partner up with a stranger via matchmaking. Each player will have their own deck and hand but still, share the board as Nexus. You can look at your partner’s hand at any time and communicate with your partner through new emotes that will be available in this Lab.

 Legends of Runeterra 2021 roadmap

One player takes the role of attacker and has control of the board while you have the attack token. In the meantime, the other player takes control on defensive turns. At the start of the game, you will be offered a choice of champions which will determine your deck.

That’s not all! Both players will also have access to special co-op cards that can rally for your partner on the next round, buff and pass cards to each other, strengthen your Nexus defenses, and more. Moreover, you will also get the chance to add the people as ingame friends, with/against whom you played.

New Champion: Aphelios

 Legends of Runeterra 2021 roadmap

Riot mentioned that they want to bring more champions more often into the game. Aphelios, the new champion will be dropping in the month of February. Aphelios looks like a very complex champion, a bit similar to Riven. Also, he creates a number of unique mostly buff cards.

 Legends of Runeterra 2021 roadmap

These are also the moon weapons that Aphelios creates. Alongside him, there will be a Champion Expansion Deck Bundle, Lunar Celebration Cosmetics, and Seasonal Tournament in this month as well.

New Set: Empires of the Ascended

 Legends of Runeterra 2021 roadmap

The month of March will see the arrival of the next region – Shurima! Aof now, not much has been revealed about what the set will bring. However, Shurima is said to bring new mechanics like seeking buried relics, predicting the future, and tapping into the god-like powers of the ascendants. This is vague but gives us an idea of what Shurima could bring to the table.

Legends of Runeterra Anniversary Celebration

 Legends of Runeterra 2021 roadmap

In the month of April, the Legends of Runeterra Anniversary Celebration will take place. As of now, no details have been revealed about this celebration or any of these Labs. But we expect to know details about these more a few weeks or a month before it comes out.

New Expansion: Guardian of the Ancient

 Legends of Runeterra 2021 roadmap

The month of May will see the arrival of a new expansion in the game. We don’t know much about this one either yet, but the Champion Skins part has got a lot of the players excited!

New Expansion: Rise of the Underworlds

 Legends of Runeterra 2021 roadmap

This would be the last expansion for the Empires of the Ascended Set which will arrive in the game in the month of June.

Champion Expansion

 Legends of Runeterra 2021 roadmap

Not much has been revealed about what these Champion Expansions will be like exactly which will arrive in the game in July. But if it’s like Aphelios, we can presume a single champion with an extra card or two.

Lots of more secrets to uncover throughout 2021

Apart from these, few things are there which weren’t given specific dates of release in the roadmap. Firstly is Champion Mastery. You will now master your champions as you play with them – we have yet to see if there are any rewards for this. Lastly, Riot teased another crossover with League of Legends. They didn’t give out any specific details but hints that it has something to do with the Ruination in the game.

Are you excited about the Legends of Runeterra 2021 roadmap? Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, We’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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