Rise of Cultures: InnoGames’ strategy game is now globally available on Android and iOS

Experience an allied culture like no other!

Rise of Cultures is a new city-building game for iOS and Android by InnoGames. It features a variety of playable cultures and magnificent cities. InnoGames has created a new and original mobile-first game where players establish an empire and build various cities with the most famous cultures of mankind, based on important learnings from Forge of Empires.

Their ability to lead and perform in PvE encounters with real-time combat systems will determine their progress. Players can watch their civilization flourish once they’ve mastered these.

Rise of Culture lets players experience a strong allied culture

Rise of Cultures’ allied culture is the game’s main selling feature. One’s own world map fills up with the most diversified settlements of cultural value based on the historical development of ancient peoples. Players must, for example, settle in Egypt during the Classical Greek era in order for their own capital city to flourish and expand. They allied with China to promote their civilization during the great periods of the Roman Empire.


On the campaign map, new areas are targeted and conquered in conflict mode. This is where the PvE fights take place. Players battle King Minos, Leonidas, and Hannibal, among other leaders, with their own melee and ranged soldiers. Players can invest in further military enhancements and continue to develop their army as they explore new technologies over time.

Alliances bring together gamers from all over the world to talk, trade, and work together to grow their empire. Science, new technology, resources, and strategic talent, along with historical leaders such as Cleopatra, Caesar, and Einstein, are the keys to accelerating advancement.

Rise of Cultures places players into a beautifully crafted world. City Building fans, new or old, will feel right at home in our most accessible title to date. We saw strong cohort development throughout our Soft Launch and are now ready to delight players worldwide with exceptional content for years to come.

Christian Reshöft , Chief Product Officer InnoGames

The game features unique city building elements across the history of mankind

Rise of Cultures is a city builder game for iOS and Android devices. Players build a city and lead it through history, starting in the Stone Age. In the process, they trade, discover and play different cultures, and hold their own on the battlefield.

The management of resources is just as important as the strategic construction of their own cities. Regular updates and events constantly provide new game content and guarantee lasting fun. Rise of Cultures is currently free-to-play and available globally for both iOS and Android devices.

Are you excited about the worldwide release of Rise of Cultures on iOS and Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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