Roblox Mobile lifetime revenue crossed $2 Billion as player spending rises in 2020

Roblox Mobile is breaking all records

The widely known building MMO Roblox, developed by Roblox Corporation has surpassed $2 billion in overall player spending in lifetime revenue on the mobile platform ahead of the Roblox Corporation’s impending initial public offer.

As shown in a report by Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, the spending on the popular MMO went into overdrive this year. After taking months to accumulate $500 million and went over the $1.5 billion mark in late May 2020. In five months, another $500 million was generated, and it surpassed $2 billion. This evidently means that it took the title a year to generate $2 billion in overall gross revenue on the mobile platform alone.

Roblox Mobile lifetime revenue

An instant rise in spending has collided with the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, making the month of May a blessed month for the developers. According to the Sensor Tower Game Taxonomy, Roblox is the leading title in the simulation genre in the United States, after generating as much as over $535 million between Q1 and Q3 of 2020. Even ahead of Playrix’s Township which remains No. 2 with a revenue of almost $119 million and Vizor’s Klondike Adventures at No. 3 with only $80 million. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery from Jam City and Minecraft’s Mojang rounded out the top five games in the genre during the 1Q20 to 3Q20 period.

Roblox Mobile lifetime revenue

Talking about the game’s overall lifetime revenue, the U.S. is the most lucrative by helping the game accumulate a staggering $1.3 billion. That’s about 65 percent of the total revenue. The U.K. places second with $161 million, which is about 8 percent total. Ranking Canada 3rd with about $81 million equivalent to 4 percent total. The App Store accounts for the lion’s share of Roblox’s mobile revenue, generating close to $1.5 billion to date, or 73 percent of total player spending. However, Google Play accounts made $545 million, which is 27 percent.

Apple’s approximate revenue from the Roblox iOS version is $450 million, while Google’s share totals about $164 million. As with revenue, the United States also ranks No. 1 for the number of installs, racking up 113 million, which is 26 percent in total downloads. Brazil takes 2nd place with 48 million, 11 percent, and Russia ranks 3rd place with nearly 24 million, 5.5 percent.

Roblox Mobile has seen a steady rise in popularity

To date, Roblox has amassed nearly 437 million downloads on the mobile platform, with 129 million of those generated from 2020. According to reports, Google Play provided the most of Roblox’s downloads, amassing over 328 installs, making about 75 percent in total. The App Store amassed 109 million downloads, making 25 percent. The popular MMO launched in the App Store in 2013 and has steadily grown its player base and revenue over the years to become one of the biggest, most successful games on the mobile platform.

Roblox Mobile lifetime revenue

The publishers have managed to create a whole platform that focuses on user-generated content, which enables the MMO to not just entertain its vast number of players, but provide a sandbox for creating content that can generate real-world cash. Evidently, it has proved to be an excellent hub for connectivity and creativity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the game looks ready to continue its success streak for years to come.

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