State of Survival x The Walking Dead: FunPlus partners AMC to bring legendary TV series in-game

Smash-Hit zombie game to feature principal character and items from the iconic series!

FunPlus has announced a partnership with AMC to integrate its phenomenal TV series, The Walking Dead into the State of Survival universe. The real-time strategy game is based on the events of a Zombie Apocalypse, where you and your friends end up as a survivor. Along with a large number of heroes already present in the game, the State of Survival x The Walking Dead collaboration features a fan-favourite ‘The Walking Dead’ character in the game.

Fan-favourite character and lots of items up for grabs in this collaboration!

State of Survival x The Walking Dead
State of Survival: Gameplay

Starting on April 15th, 2021, the collaboration has brought lots of new game items, which were also a part of the legendary series. Running through October 2021, players and fans will be now able to interact with and play as a fan-favorite ‘The Walking Dead’ character. Join in to fight for survival against the constant waves of zombies! Chris Petrovic, CEO of FunPlus expressed his delight at this collaboration, “We’re thrilled to partner with AMC and The Walking Dead to bring our two worlds together. Since launching the State of Survival in August 2019, it has been our dream to allow players the opportunity to experience The Walking Dead in our game, and we’re excited to be able to deliver that to them.”

State of Survival and AMC’s The Walking Dead present different takes on the zombie apocalypse, but they also share a lot of common themes so bringing them together was very natural. What we’ve created allows the best elements of both universes to shine, and we’re excited for the millions of fans and players around the world to experience it.

Clayton Neuman, VP of Games at AMC

About the Walking Dead Universe

State of Survival x The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead is one of the best series in US cable television history

One of the highest-rated series in US cable television history, The Walking Dead TV series speaks about months and years following a zombie apocalypse. Quite similar to the theme of the State of Survival game, it follows a group of survivors, led by former police officer Rick Grimes, who travel in search of a safe and secure home.

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