Tencent to build Lightspeed Universe through Lightspeed Studios

Here's everything you need to know Lightspeed Universe!

The past few years saw the gaming industry grow beyond our imagination. It grew from just a few thousand users to millions of active users around the world. One of the biggest pioneers in the industry is Tencent, the China-based company that has given us some of the best games for both mobile and PC. As the industry grows bigger and bigger every day, companies have been expanding too. Now, Tencent’s Lightspeed Studios has announced that it will build Lightspeed Universe aiming at major expansion.

Lightspeed Studios is connecting gamers and developers with the Lightspeed Universe ecosystem

Many companies have begun expanding their operations in wake of the exceeding demand and the growth of the industry. Lightspeed’s announcement of Lightspeed Universe primarily points to nothing but the company’s vision to grow more to meet future demands. But on the other hand, Lightspeed Universe could also mean something entirely different. 

Blockchain technology and the metaverse have brought a huge change in the industry in the last two years and companies have been shifting their focus toward the metaverse. Lightspeed’s aim to build Lightspeed Universe might also be their attempt at creating its version of the metaverse. This could turn out to be an ecosystem that connects players and developers around the world, based on the company’s great stories and the next-generation technology they incorporate in their titles.

Lightspeed Studios Lightspeed Universe
Image via Tencent

Lightspeed Universe will be a world of experiences that players could jump into from anywhere and anytime via any platform and device. This could also help developers in developing games faster than before. Lightspeed Universe will also create an environment for the next phase of global growth, driven by investment, high-level research and development, top-notch talent, and global platforms. CEO, Chen spoke about globally opening new offices.

“We are opening new offices and recruiting outstanding talent around the world including in China, Singapore, United States (Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Seattle), Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver), United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and United Arab Emirates (Dubai). We are also building a global network of studios and functional teams.”

The road ahead is uncertain, but our dream remains the same – to become one of the world’s best game developers. The Lightspeed Universe, the ecosystem that connects players and developers around the world, is our vision and blueprint for the next decade. The Lightspeed Universe contemplates the metaverse, but we think about it differently. We have a more expansive, yet practical view. As the boundaries between physical and digital worlds dissolve, new forms of connectivity and entertainment will emerge for brands, businesses, and players.”

Chen, ceo, lightspeed studios

Lightspeed is also entering the Entertainment world with Lightspeed Pictures to create new experiences

Lightspeed Universe will give way to building open worlds based on original intellectual property and next-generation experiences. Lightspeed Studios announced Lightspeed Pictures, a new subsidiary to create experiences beyond games by venturing into animation, TV, and movies.

The studio will also expand into ten countries this year and recruit the talent needed to build great games. This will create opportunities for developers who want to do something new in the industry with their ideas. Lightspeed LA and Uncapped games which are led by top-notch developers have been prime examples of this expansion.

Now, Lightspeed LA is developing an ambitious open-world game with sophisticated player-driven gameplay, and enlightened storytelling. Uncapped Games is creating an action-packed PC real-time strategy game. Right now, we only know that Lightspeed Universe will serve as an ecosystem for players across all platforms but only time will tell how this could turn out in the long run.

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