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Torchlight: Infinite announces second closed beta test from April 25, 2022

Your Journey to Brilliance as the Hero of Your Dreams!

After a brief hiatus, the Land of Leptis will reopen to Hunters from all over the world on April 25, 2022, when Torchlight: Infinite launches its second mobile closed beta. Following the first playtest, the XD Inc.’s development team has been hard at work tweaking and optimizing the game based on player feedback in order to provide the best action RPG experience.

The game was first announced in 2020 in partnership with Perfect World. Set 200 years after the events of Torchlight II, Torchlight: Infinite places players in the prosperous Era of Ember Tech, where they start on an epic journey to prevent Aember – the Ember Blight – from ruining the sacred Land of Leptis.

The beta will introduce a new hero and skill system changes

The beta will introduce Torchlight: Infinite’s fifth hero, Commander Moto, a respected Ember Tech lecturer who takes serious delight in his beard and excels at directing large-scale warfares alongside an entourage of mechanical buddies, among other things.

Torchlight Infinite Commander Moto
Image via XD Inc.

Each of the heroes can be customized to empower just about any playstyle, whether it’s smashing down on the ground to deliver fire damage with repeated fissure eruptions or conjuring a frost pool to slow down adversaries and deal persistent ice damage. Among the other beta features are:

  • All heroes, skills, items, and maps can be unlocked for free
  • Randomized dungeons, encounters, and loot drops with magic find
  • No attack cooldowns or stamina system that would limit extended play sessions

The new beta will also feature a series of modifications to the present skill system to allow for greater build flexibility, based on feedback from the last playtest and community. Torchlight: Infinite gamers will have greater power than any of the Torchlight predecessors to spec and fine-tune their heroes as they progress, with a total of five heroes, 24 intricate talent trees, and over 240 talents.

Players can start signing up for the closed beta on the game’s website

Players are urged to submit their experiences and feedback on the official Torchlight: Infinite discussion forum and Discord during the mobile closed beta to assist the development team in improving gameplay and performance. Fans and newcomers alike may immediately join up for the closed beta on the official website and will receive an invitation with comprehensive access instructions once it goes live.

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