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Tower of Fantasy players are upset over Relics having long cooldown period

Tower of Fantasy players are dissatisfied with the Long Relics cooldown!

Tower of Fantasy has many external gadgets called Relics which are used in a multitude of forms be it in exploration or combat. However, the long cooldown periods of Relics have become a point of dissatisfaction for a lot of Tower of Fantasy players.

Several relics available in Tower of Fantasy are going for a cooldown of a long period

On a certain Reddit thread, many users have complained about the long cooldowns on many of the available relics. The important relic that is usually used the most for exploring the map is the Jetpack, but once the charges are exhausted it goes to a cooldown of whooping 100 seconds.

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG featuring a vast world for exploration with tall structures like buildings, Ruins, and mountain steeps. In such a setting, Jetpack is very important to reach higher grounds. The jetpack with such a long cooldown not only hampers the gameplay experience by wasting valuable time but also somewhat discourages players to explore.

Tower of Fantasy relics cooldown
Image via Level Infinite

Generally, equipment that makes map transversal easy shouldn’t have any cooldown. But due to the nature of the game, it is somewhat necessary. However, cooldowns above an entire minute can not be justifiable by any means. This indicates a problem in the core game loop.

Leaving the utility relic, even the battle-oriented SR and SSR relics have very long cooldown periods. An example is the SSR Relic Colossus Arm, which once used gets on a cooldown of 5 minutes. It is understandable that such relics are very powerful and can help in increasing battle power drastically. However, with this long cooldown, most players won’t even bother with the relic aside from using it on tough bosses. 

Tower of Fantasy player faced these issues and provided their own solutions

A Reddit user ohoni mentioned that they had the worst experience while using the Omnium Handcannon. Omnium Handcannon is mostly used for solving Ruin puzzles. The primary issue was once the pillar was misplaced, they had to wait until the cooldown was over while doing absolutely nothing. They also provided a viable solution for the battle-oriented relic that when a player is not in combat the cooldown should not be inflicted or get reduced drastically over time when out of combat.

What are your thoughts as Tower of Fantasy players are facing a long period of relic cooldown? Let us know in the comments below!

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