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TSM FTX Sonho explains the current issues of Apex Legends Mobile

Problems that the game should not overlook at all

TSM FTX’s first signed mobile esports player for the battle royale title Apex Legends Mobile, Alexandre “Sonho” Luis Mostovoi, has pointed out some of the serious issues that the game now has. A tweet from Sonho explained the problems that players are now facing while enjoying the game. Besides Sonho, players of the title are also coming up with several in-game problems they have to deal with every day. 

Apex Legends Mobile has several issues that need to be resolved soon

After the global release of Apex Legends Mobile on May 17, the game introduced the ranked system. The ranked mode was fun to play in the initial days but now it is losing the balance as bots and low-tier players are being put in the same match with high-tier players. Thus, players feel the lack of a competitive environment.  

TSM Apex Legends Mobile 'Sonho'
Image via Electronic Arts

Battle Royale is on the top of the choice list of a player but the game does not have servers for big countries and losing its audience. Another big reason for losing players is Apex Legends Mobile is not optimized enough for low-end devices. Besides, players are alleging that the game is stingy in rewarding players. Spending money doesn’t worth it in Apex Legends Mobile while players feel that the other battle royale titles are more gamer-friendly than it. 

There are some issues with the legends as well. Other in-game issues include non-responsive buttons, bugs, sensitivity problems, too short TDMs, limits in weekly XP points, etc. 

Final Thoughts

While Apex Legends Mobile is getting quite a place in gamers’ hearts, the title has some severe issues as well. From what Sonho has said in his post and the reactions to it are neither overlookable nor to be ignored. Despite what players are alleging about Apex Legends Mobile, its developer Respawn Entertainment is yet to provide any sort of reply or assurance to the players. But getting good attention from gamers and on the way to being a successful title, it is evident that Apex legends Mobile will walk on the right way.

What are your thoughts about the issues with Apex Legends Mobile pointed out by TSM Sonho? Let us know in the comments below!

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