Waifu – Stripping Clothes mobile game has been taken down from Google Play after topping charts in various regions

The game has violated the store policies

Waifu: Stripping Clothes, a brand-new arcade game has been topping the Google Play charts for a few days now, after its latest release on Android devices. Developed by Falcon Global, a company from Singapore, it got recognized as one of the most popular games on the Play Store before being taken down. Upon catching the attention of the Korean Game Society, their intervention has resulted in Waifu – Stripping Clothes being taken down from Google Play, reported Inven.

Waifu – Stripping Clothes: Reason for controversy

The game caused concern among authorities, due to its controversial nature. In the game, the player starts by playing rock, paper, and scissors with an in-game female character. As the game progresses and the player wins, the in-game character is gradually stripped off her clothes.

Needless to say that the game caught the attention of people, especially curious teenagers around the world, and was downloaded a million times in just five days.

Timely intervention minimised the damage to gaming community

The Game Management Committee which was responsible for checking a game’s content, before being released has admitted that they were unable to do so “due to budget and manpower limitations”. Therefore, they cleared the game without going through all the nitty-gritty details. Google has also received criticism for not doing its job as a self-classifying agency.

Stalking, sexual harassment and sexual crimes that are more serious than games in the virtual world called Metaverse may occur.

Korean Game Society’s official statements on the game

The incident has brought forward loopholes in the Game Management Committee, which needs to be more cautious while clearing a game for its release.

Although, the onus is upon Google Play’s quality control team to get rid of these loopholes and protect the integrity of the mobile game industry.

What are your thoughts on Waifu- Stripping Clothes being taken down from Google PlayLet us know in the comments below!

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