Wild Rift gets approval in China along with Diablo Immortal, Pokémon Quest and 30 other games

Chinese game regulators have allowed 33 games to distribute copies in China

It looks like Chinese game regulators have now approved 33 new games. This includes League of Legends Wild Rift, Diablo Immortal, Pokemon Quest, Super Mario Party, Rayman Legend, Game Dev Tycoon, Eve Echoes, Ylands, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. While the Chinese market is a very big market, publishers need to go through a strict approval process to get their game available there. So getting approval for these most anticipated titles especially Wild Rift, is definitely good news for the gamers of China.

Tweet that states the approval of Wild Rift and other big titles in China

China has a strict approval process for imported games

For those who don’t know, despite being described as the “Games Industry Capital of the World” and being the world’s largest video game market, the gaming industry is also controlled by the Chinese Government and games need to be approved by them to be distributed among players in the country. According to the Chinese government, this kind of censorship was placed in order to prevent players from playing games with too much violence and also wanted to stop players from spending too much time on video games. Because of this, many games and a bunch of major developers and publishers have had to change their game’s content to reduce violence and gore.

wild rift china
Games which got approval in China. Source – Niko Partners

Even in the past years, games, like other media, had to be approved by the Chinese government and only would be allowed to distribute copies of the game in the country after that. Among the recent games allowed in the country, a majority of titles were mobile games, something which has happened earlier as well. Aside from that, games for the PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch were also approved (PS5 is yet to make an entry into China). Now that these games have been approved, gamers in China have a reason to be happy because they will finally be able to play new titles.

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