Wild Rift will have several changes in the currency bundles from September 8, 2021

Changes to take place in League PC and Teamfight Tactics as well!

Wild Rift has a vast array of champions, skins, and other collectibles that can be bought with either in-game currency or completing daily missions and objectives. They can be bought with the currency bundles which are present in the in-game store and are purchased through actual money. Riot Games has revealed several price changes in the currency bundles in Wild Rift starting from September 8th, 2021. During this time, countries such as Brazil from Latin America and Russia will face increased price rates. This change is set to take place not only in Wild Rift but also in League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

Regional Price changes in Wild Rift

In a recent blog post by Riot, they have announced several price changes coming to Wild Rift. Riot Games, periodically, analyzes global pricing and has adjusted its in-game pricing system to reflect all region’s currency and taxation changes. This did result in either an increase or a decrease in price changes. The changes in pricing will be taking effect in Europe, Latin American countries, and Russia.

Wild Rift changes currency bundles
Currency Bundles in-game

Players in Latin America and Russia will face an increase in price changes. However, European players will be enjoying a decrease in price changes, as a result of favourable shifts in exchange rates across Europe. The change is set to take place from September 8th, 2021. Before it goes live, players will get doubled bonus currency with each currency pack purchased from August 23rd to September 8th regardless of whether they’re impacted by price changes. For example, the 3325 bundle which gave players 325 bonus Wild Cores will now be giving 650 bonus WC.

This increase in bonus was set in motion on August 23rd, 2021 and will continue till September 8th, 2021 when the regional prices changes come into effect.

Increase and decrease in price rates for the countries in the above-mentioned regions

  • Brazil: +15% average price increase
  • Colombia: +12% average price increase
  • Costa Rica: +8% average price increase
  • Uruguay: +17% average price increase
  • Peru: +15% average price increase
  • Russia: +6% average price increase
  • Europe (for EUR, GBP & HUF currencies only): -5% average price decrease

It is to be noted that players situated in Europe will only see decreased prices changes if the currency they’re using is Euros, Pound Sterling or Hungarian Forint.

Final Thoughts

Wild Rift continues to see success around the world as more players join the game. The prices are subject to change and we will be seeing more of the increases and decreases in the prices as the exchange rates and taxation changes fluctuate. The change in prices of currency bundles is expected to be a part of Wild Rift’s next patch update.

What are the changes made on the currency bundles in Wild Rift? Let us know in the comments below.

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