European War 7: Medieval review: Experience a formidable strategy title with Europe’s greatest heroes

Conquer the turbulent European continent and build your own empire!

European War 7: Medieval is EasyTech’s latest strategy title, this time taking players through the Medieval Era, with the Holy Roman Empire, The Byzantine Empire, the Viking Invasions, Crusades, and other such themes based on real history. Now the core gameplay is clicking on your forces and engaging in strategic battles, which get harder as you proceed through the game. Here in this article, we will review European War 7: Medieval and share our first impressions of the game.

Revisit history from the Medieval Age with its famous heroes

Starting off with the review, European War 7: Medieval starts out like any Strategy Turn-Based game. There are a few introductory tutorial rounds that teach players the basics, after which they proceed through the Campaign. This campaign is packed with content as you go through the end of the Holy Roman Empire, into the Byzantine Empire’s Rise, The Macedonian Dynasty, The Hundred Years’ War, and some other really major events, set in Europe.

Do not all out European War 7: Medieval review
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The game’s gameplay seems quite simple but certain elements (like blending together different ranged or melee troops, special powers/attacks that Generals have and other such features make the game more challenging. There’s also a difficulty curve that requires players to focus on getting better at strategizing and upgrading their troops, although, at some point, the game does get harder than most would enjoy.

As mentioned before, the game goes through various empires from human history (Kind of like InnoGamesRise of Cultures but with just battling) and features some really iconic Generals and well-known figures like Attila, Joan of Arc, Charlemagne, Arthur, and others.

Learn basic controls
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This does form something of a story for the game to go off on. Additionally, paying for Legends like King of the Huns, Father of Europe, The Eternal King, Arabian Knight, and others can get players some extra perks, the fairness of which can be discussed later on. 

Fight strategic wars, Build cities, and change the course of History

The game has three current game modes: Campaign, Conquest, and Territory, which also have Normal and Hard modes, so there’s quite a bit of content for players to enjoy although there’s always the possibility of the game getting too repetitive.

The game revolves around turn-based combat in which players move their units on the battlefield and attack the enemy, ending their chance when they can no longer make any moves. After that, they have to brace for the enemy’s attack. Like any other similar title, the game starts out really easy, getting harder as players progress through the game. 

numbers European War 7: Medieval review
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Now there isn’t really anything wrong with the game. In fact, it is a great title if you’re looking for something good in the strategy genre. The only real issue is that at some point, the game will get really, really hard, and also, a smaller nitpick is about how the screen zooms in when you attack the enemy units, which gets old over time little annoying. There weren’t any bugs or glitches observed during our testing process and the game has been polished and cleaned up fairly well. 

The game offers decent graphics with simple easy controls

Visually, the game isn’t anything special to be completely honest. It’s not a major critique but the developers haven’t really done anything to make the game stand out. The graphics do have a washed-out and dull look to them that some might like while others might not. The soundtrack is quite decent and fitting while there’s nothing really special about the sound effects.

This is the kind of game that you don’t really have the audio on for, with your own music or podcast playing in the background instead. The game has a fairly simple tap and drags controls so there’s not much to talk about in that aspect. The controls are responsive and give no reason for any complaints. The UI works pretty well too without any issues. It also has that washed-out look though.

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No ads, but IAPS did exist in the medieval European history

The game doesn’t have ads which is a pretty good thing but it does have IAPs. With real money, the game can get quite easier as players can get their hands on more resources quickly and also the Legends mentioned before. The game is offline so there’s not really any advantage over other players but the progression does get easier.

Final Verdict

The game is a pretty good title overall. EasyTech has had quite a bit of experience with these games and they managed to make it enjoyable and not a pay-to-win mess like a lot of other turn-based battle games on the market. It’s a game that many can enjoy even if they’re not too deep into the turn-based battle genre and the Medieval European setting works pretty well for it. It’s not anything new but it does

European War 7: Medieval review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7
Graphics and Music - 7
Game Progression - 8
Controls and UI - 8
Free-to-Play Elements - 7



European War 7: Medieval is a pretty good title overall. It's a game that many can enjoy even if they’re not too deep into the turn-based battle genre and the Medieval European setting works pretty well for it.

What are your opinions on the European War 7: Medieval game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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I realize this is a streamlined, simplified game, but nonetheless they could have had a bit more nuance rather than lumping together numerous historical figures as “generals” regardless of their actual circumstances. For example, Joan of Arc didn’t lead directly (as proven by the Royal military records and eyewitness accounts), but the game seems to depict her as if she did.

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