Realm Grinder: An Idle Clicker Game

In Realm Grinder you’re the leader of your realm and have to earn as much money as you can, this is your only objection. Become the riches of them all. Build farms and inns, and when the time has come, decide whether you’re on the good or evil side, each having their own unique playstyle. It’s an idle clicker game where you progress by levelling up your buildings and buying upgrades, as well as using mana to use your powers as a leader.

How to play Realm Grinder

You start off with empty land, you own nothing, not even a singular gold, so you start tapping on your field. You keep tapping, finding gold after gold until you have enough to afford your first building. Buildings are earning you money per second. One of the first buildings you can buy is farms, inns and blacksmiths. You can level them up and when they reached a certain amount, you can upgrade them, too. There are different upgrades in the games. Ones that make you earn more money through the buildings and others that increase the amount of gold per tap.

realm grinder buildings menu
Buildings to buy

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Good vs Evil

Realm grinder evil alliance buildings
Evil Alliance Buildings

When the time has come, you can decide which faction you want to form an alliance with. The good ones, Fairies, Elves and Angels, will give you active help. They have upgrades that help in your gameplay, while you’re actively on-screen tapping or casting magic. On the other hand, the evil factions, Goblins, Undead and the Demons, will help you in your passive gameplay, while you’re offline. You must decide between one of the six factions to progress and get more upgrades for your realm.

Realm Grinder Undead Trade Treaty Description
Undead Trade Treaty Description

For instance, when you decide to form an alliance with the Undead, they will constantly generate gold for you. Since they’re, well… undead, they do not need to sleep and can keep working for you. The more necropolises you have, the more powerful they become.

Casting Magic with Mana

Mana in Realm Grinder
Mana Display

You can also cast magic in Realm Grinder to help you out. Depending on the faction you joined, you will get different magic spells. Here are the first basics spells you’ll gain.

  • Tax Collection – Instantly gain 30 seconds worth of coin production from buildings and assistants. Mana Cost: 200
  • Call to Arms – Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of buildings you own for 20 seconds. Mana Cost: 400
  • Holy Light (Good Alliance) – Increase clicking reward by 1750% for 10 seconds. Mana Cost: 900
  • Blood Frenzy (Evil Alliance) – Increase the production of all Evil buildings by 1250% for 20 seconds. Mana Cost: 600


After you have chosen your first alliance and faction, you’ll have the feeling of being stuck. You do not produce enough gold to buy more buildings. But this is where Abdication will be introduced to you at some point.

Abdicating will reset all your buildings and upgrades back to zero. Don’t worry, you will keep your trophies. For abdicating you will be awarded a certain amount of Gems. Gems help you to boost your production even further and this is where the game starts to become even more interesting.

Graphics and Music

This game has some aesthetically looking pixel graphics. Each building looks different and interesting, it changes its appearance when levelling up and depending on your faction it will change, too.

The music is fitting as well. Either calm and harmonic for good or rock music for evil. It is fitting together well.

The only complaint there is about the game, are its tiny UI elements. Some of them could be scaled bigger, so it’s easier to click on them on your phone.

Premium Currency?

The monetisation is also almost non-existent. You are free to scry and watch an ad to increase something, but it’s not at all needed. Rubies are the premium currency in the game you can buy with real-world money. You can buy some optional improvements with it if you want to. But when an event is going on, you’ll be getting some rubies from it. So paying money in this game is highly optional and not at all needed to progress.

realm grinder shop menu
Realm Grinder Shop

Discover more in Realm Grinder!

But if you think this was everything about Realm Grinder, you will be just as surprised as I was, when I discovered features beyond the basics. Different things can be discovered and used, new features introduced and more. So it’s worth playing for the long haul.

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