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Genshin Impact characters have been expressed as Pokémon in a fanart

Five iconic Genshin Impact characters, including the new character Ayato, are reimagined as Pokemon in an incredible fan-made idea!

Each Genshin Impact figure has a unique look and comes with a compelling tale set in the Teyvat universe. As a result of the game’s unique approach to character development, fans frequently recreate characters in numerous context. The gacha system in Genshin Impact lets players spend primogems on new character banners every three to four weeks. Players need to wait for months for another chance to pull for a certain character after using a limited banner. Nowadays, Pokémon x Genshin Impact fanart has been created by a Reddit user, where the characters have been expressed as Pokémon.

Genshin Impact Pokemon FANART
Image via JhayAlejo

A unique fanart introducing Genshin Impact characters to the Pokemon universe

A post on the official Genshin Impact subreddit reveals an intriguing fan-made concept that connects Genshin Impact characters to the Pokémon universe. JhayAlejo, a Reddit member who has published several Genshin-related artworks, has become a well-known name on the subreddit. JhayAleyo attempted to recreate a fanart of five iconic Genshin Impact characters as Pokémon this time, incorporating all three evolution phases for some of them. Yun Jin, Shenhe, Yae Miko, Ayato, and Raiden Shogun are among the characters shown in the artwork.

Kitzura’s artwork is based on Jolteon, an electric fox-type pokemon. The characters are based on various pokemon characters with the artist’s touch, similar to Kitzura’s artwork. In addition, the artist spent time determining what kind of Pokemon each character would be in the Pokémon universe. 

Genshin Impact Pokemon FANART
Image via JhayAlejo

With over 4,000 upvotes, the notion was well-received by the community, and fans are eager to see which characters will be featured next. All of the concepts represent each Genshin Impact character, and despite their distinct appearances, the relationships between the characters and the Pokemon are easily discernible. Kitzura, for example, is based on Yae Miko, as seen by the five tails exhibited. Since her debut appearance in Genshin Impact version 2.0, Yae Miko has been one of the most popular characters. She was available during the current version 2.5‘s first banner cycle.

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